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    Hello, new multiplayer update is already here. Changelog: Added support for 1.14 update Added support for German, Czech, French Paintjob DLC's Added ETS2MP accounts system Added synchronization of liftable axle added in 1.14 patch Added support of DAF XF Euro 6 and new accessories added in 1.14 patch Patched security holes Re-enabled SDK (You can use any ETS2 plugin - for example real force feedback plugin) Fixed notifications (/report information was showing only in freeroam mode). Added Euro Truck Radio advertisement. Re-enabled AFK kick. Updated message that is showing when player gets kicked for high ping. Little optimization of bandwidth usage. Re-enabled collisions and speed limiter on non-freeroam servers. You can use steering wheel, xbox pad or other controller to drive while writing on chat. And more. To download mod click "Download" button in the forum header. Happy trucking ETS2MP Team
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    Please, add checkbox to save acc name and pass in next update
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    Mod Version: Version 0.1.1 Controllers Used: SpeedLink STRIKE FX Description of Issue: Hello, I use Windows XP Serivce Pack 3 and today I downloaded a new update from official website but after opening this application i have problem with Not valid Win32 application, whats cause this problem? Because R3 worked for me perfectly on my Windows. How to reproduce: Launcher.exe is not valid Win32 application. Screenshots / Videos:
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    Po południu też będę wgrywać także jak się uda to na pewno pomogę
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    Every Win XP user has this problem: How can game will start, when I get this error?
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    Yep I also noticed this, I arrived at an orange light so I stopped and took out my phone but the light turned green in a matter of seconds. Was quite surprised!
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    hmmm i will talk with developer so far i can see it's nothing special but he can look further into it
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    Thanks to all developers!!
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    Could it be... The release of the next version? Source: https://www.facebook.com/ets2mpofficial/posts/871741679523668
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    Pewnie zapomniałeś dodać, że będzie to w becie?
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    Copy your Email-adress when you login on the website -> works for me now.
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    Oh... Well. But this isn't the problem The Problem is that again the Win XP User must wait ;(
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    /Sell wife /Sell kids /Quit job /Play ETS2
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    Not quite sure what youre asking but when updating your game you will not lose anything...
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    No problem, See you on the roads of course!
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    Well,, I want the update only if its running well
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    Trzeba Panowie (i pewnie też Panie) poczekać,ważne że dziś już będzie. Tak apropo witam wszystkich bo to mój pierwszy post.
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    See part 2 on this for information on how to "cheat" in a job for driving in a group or with a friend.
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    Ja wszystkim właścicielom VS'ek radzę uważać na pana Padalca900. Przez chwilę zagrzał miejsce w naszej firmie, a później przeszedł do VectrixTrans. Z tego co wiem tam również już nie pracuje Kolega chyba nie widział kierownicy na oczy, a próby upomnienia kończą się na tym, że on i tak uważa, że wie lepiej. Szczególny popis jego umiejętności można było podziwiać na konwoju ETG.
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    This topic may be out of date. Please check this Knowledge Base article for the newest version: https://truckersmp.com/kb/26 Introduction When there is a new ETS2 or ATS patch released by SCS, the TruckersMP client won't support it immediately in most cases. You must wait few days before we fully support the new update. Does it mean you can't play multiplayer during this time? No! You can, but you will have to downgrade your ETS2 or ATS to the supported version. How? Read this thread! How to downgrade my game? Firstly, go to your Steam Library and search Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator. Now right-click Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator and choose Properties. In Properties, choose BETA tab. Select the latest support version from the list. Use the following versions for the appropriate game: ATS: "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs" ETS2: "temporary_1_35 - 1.35.x for incompatible mods" Done! You downgraded your game. But to be sure, check if you see Queued or the downloading's percentage. Author: I<3VODKA
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    These are the commands for the command line. Modified: 2th November nointro = Skip intro scene nodx9ex = Disables extended DX9 interfaces mm_pool_size = Input memory size allocation for ETS2 force_mods = over rides per profile mods (This won't work for multiplayer) homedir = Specify folder to use instead of My documents for storing config/profiles/mods/etc. potentially useful for keeping MP and SP profiles separate. Oculus = for oculus owners rdevice gl = use render OpenGL rdevice = Dx9 renders in directX 9 API safe = start the game in safe mode

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