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Guest [VLC Transport]Sbinotto07
4 hours ago, Tony Paul_ said:

I like the busy Calais,so I'm looking forward to the renovation of Calais port in version 1.39.

There will be massive traffic jam with new update in my opinion.

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I don't have promods so i'm talking about base-game.


And my answer is biased because it's going to be Groningen where I live near irl. To me all the cities look similar. I wouldn't really know why one city would be better than the other.

What I like about Groningen is the amount of detail they put in which buildings to put there.


I don't know the other cities in the game that well IRL. So I wouldn't recognize all the buildings. But I do recognize the buildings in Groningen. And they've put a lot of iconic buildings in the game. Which I greatly enjoy.


But why, SCS. Why of all the iconic buildings you put in Groningen. Including one of the many water towers.


Why didn't they add the MOST iconic building we have in the game? The 'Martinitoren'. It feels like putting Rotterdam in the game without Europoort harbor. I just don't get it, haha.

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