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What radios do you listen to?

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since BoringFM plays only songs that gives me legit Earcancer i rather stick with https://www.metalliveradio.com/.    


there i get to listen to the who is who of proper Metal Bands ... International like Metalica , Judas Priest , Amon Amrath ,  Slayer , Antrax  or locals like Kreator , Grave Digger , Tankard , Vark ,  Dirkschneider , Rammstein , Hammerschmitt , WBTBWB  


or Polish Bands like Vader and CETI 






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For the most part I listen to P5 Hits or KodiakFM


P5 Hits is a Norwegian radio station that plays music that is trending.


KodiakFM is my own not public web radio with the latest pop hits.


I tend more to KodiakFM because it's my own music playlist. Heh.


Kind regards,


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If I remember to open the Spotify software before I open the ETS2 or ATS, I will listen to Spotify. But If I don't remember, I will open the Radio in the game. Yes, it's TruckersFM's show time. By the way, I hope I can have a success when I request a song to TFM DJ. 😆

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