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  1. Must be ACDC 'Highway to hell'
  2. It is always confuse me which direction I go once I from British to other counties.
  3. Today, approximately 65% of the people in the world drive on the right side of the road, with the other 35% driving on the left. As far as road mileage goes, about 90% of the world's total road distance carries traffic on the right. So, which side do u drive in game?
  4. Must be this powerful monster, brings me up to hill and through many countries. He is my best friend(Truck)
  5. Practice own driving skills and waiting for accidents happen.
  6. TrucksMp everyday. Happy driving on the road.
  7. My favourite city must be Calais and Turku in Finland. I believe must of drivers are like Calais.
  8. Since too much pressure in the life. Euro Trucks is only game makes me chill and have lots of fun in driving experience. I used to play Stand-alone version, after I noted there has an online multiple-players version. Later have much fun with friends through online. I have been played for 300 hrs. I know it is not a long time, at least I enjoyed.
  9. The MAN's sound of turn signal is amazing. That makes me heart beating fast and falling love with MANs truck in game.
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