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  1. if scania then only stock .... never changed it in the last 6,5 years ... my current one trick pony and absolute workhorse like i see them in my area IRL ... but i gess i change it back to the good old times
  2. sped-v messed around with the gearbox some time ago .. you might try to update it. or remove the wintermod out of the modfolder and not just turn it off via modmanager ..
  3. i'm not sure why you are trying to make a science out of it ??? Dortmund 12:15 p.m. almost cloudless sunny DAY , its so bright you got blinded by the sunlight and reflections , and still every second dumpbag has the headlights and Highbeams on. it takes only 3 of them to turn a Depot into a mess... it takes only 5 of them standing at the Garage there to turn it into a Tim Burton like stop motion scenario... had been two times in callaies around 15 p.m jeezz... the same thing ... headlights everywhere ... if they would turn them off everyone would win 30-50 fps more .... they chat about it almost the whole time ... a dude had over 200 fps outside but only 60 inside the city ..... mainly becose of the headlights. but as allways they dont felt adressed... its more fun to gess where you are going at 15 fps then trying to change it....
  4. im used to sloth my way to my destination 90 KM/H and Heavy Metal form ingame radio station
  5. Guys what is up with all that Lightspam lately ??? The Trucks got mostly default DRL´s so whats the point of keeping the Headlights or even the Full Highbeams on at a bright sunny day?? the pretty much only thing it does is turning every Garage or Depot in to a FPS sinkhole or a Microlag cluster... on the road i see the trucks popping up far and very long before i see the reflections of the lights. its like i see the trucks form 130meter and the cone of light form about 90meter of distance .... so the general visibility remains unaffected whether you turn it on or off ,so thats not a argument for it. and I'm almost sure that it only unnecessarily stress the server because it still has to calculate this nonsense
  6. it causes lags and is a FPS Sink .... next to the fact the result is simply bad and the files becomes way to huge to upload.
  7. VS is the fastest way to fu.... up your Profile and Sped-V preset ... CCC is the same kind of BS ....
  8. way too complicated I don't want to study rocket science or have to reinvent the wheel...
  9. this guide is pretty missleading only local mods that remains in your cache and based on vanilla content can be used in TMP. mods that replace or relocate things got cut off by the modmanager and are not supportet.
  10. Iveco as Workhorse .... i love the simple design of the little Italian. MAN as a allrounder ..... my City is full of TGX TGA TGS CS CF and what ever else so i use what i see every day. DAF ... My rolling Couch....love the sound and the Design i see them every day as well.
  11. single Axel shorty .... flexible lightwight and still a good payload
  12. with open eyes..... you see a pingtroll form far away .... at last instance when he changes his line to ram you on purpose or wave over the whole three lines to keep you form overtaking.... while warping 3 meters forth and 5 meters back .....
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