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  1. bad idea .. i hope it will be limited to the arcade server or else far away form the Simulation servers. i already see the Armys of trolls eager to swarm the servers and cause chaos and havoc in a Apokalyptik scale ...
  2. its more like ppl see this videos and think they have to act like morrons as well. Darwen and co. do no one a favor by posting this idiocy. and again : it had been a speed issue , it is an speed issue and it ever be a speed issue. everything else like to slow , to long , to boring is just a lame excuse. D-C is the perfect example for it. roads are rated for 60 km/h only ......morrons still try to take them with all they got , and seriously wonder why they end up as a cause for a crash or a traffic jam last year ive done many jobs over 8k + and im
  3. indeed .... it seems like someone put a Bounty on me Arse the whole efin day the same sh#t i hope this morrons will get a perma ban this is one of the reasons i Advocate to remove cars for good .... they are never used as they suppose to ...
  4. so back form my 1.40 exile ... i noticed the trolls are gone somehow ....
  5. wow half a year later .... my workhorse resembles pretty much what you mostly see in my region nothing to fancy but with all the info as it needs ..
  6. guys if you take a closer look you will notice the silouette is just a containertrailer ... nothing fancy ... could be a Mammut or Pecton copy
  7. uploading reports on YT is actually a waste of time and money ... so this would not change at all.
  8. "Progamer" "Mastertucker" "Driving Instructor" "(Instaban)Lookatmeimsofu##ingawsomegotbiggerballsthenchucknorris" *Flips truck while still in the Depo* *Jackknives the rig 20 times before leaving* *Misses the Unloading spot for 20 minutes straight*
  9. it was.. it fu##ed up the new 1,40 profile as well as my 3 others ... all with one flush
  10. Who use a Scout is a Troll. and as i see justice had been served
  11. well once you are at the 1.40beta ... you are stuck in it. .. if you try to roll back to 1.39... you lose ALL profiles ... and have to start at absolute 0... the save system is in this version is f##ed up. had 55mb data in the steamcloud .... 44,3mb after the los. backups didnt kick in. bak. files cant be used to fix it. lost 450k kilometer progress.... and even the basic controller settings
  12. Ivan already knows your Bankaccount number and all your dirty little secrets on your disk drives. ...
  13. back in the days when shitty physics send you flying for every bump.
  14. if you would be backed up with one or even a few Sponsors and do it for a good cause.... but other then that it´s just naive Peter-Pan thinking... non of these ppl got any benefit form it. if i would do something like this my sponsors would hate me for sure... they would have to donate over 60K€ to our local charity fond.
  15. there are always two sides of the same issue. but first of all i would recoment to switch to server 2. server 1 is a Shark tank for experienced "battle hardened" Drivers only and a bad spot to learn the ropes. server 2 is more beginner friendly and mostly inhabited by those who want to escape this madness and get the jobs done. also many veterans and VTC´s minding their buisness. so chances are good you might find someone who show you some tricks.
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