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  1. im Trying to takle the 1000 tons challenge ....for what feels like the 1000x quite a pain in the butt with 20 feet container since they are only between 2 - 8 tons most of the time ...
  2. going over 100 and using a unaproperate controll Device ... he´s figuratively begging for such a situation
  3. a Truck/Trailer Rental System. Standart SCS Company paintjobs for Ownable Trailers /Trucks
  4. Nope ... even at the times we had to many servers they had hardly less then 20 ppl on it .. im very sure you ment " Trolls will drive where all the other Trolls are" before sim 1 got f#ed up ther had been at least 100+ppl on sim 2 almost every single day just because the reasonable ppl had been there , those who wantet to take care of VTC matters or just enjoy the game without a flood of trolls. or just drive in a realistic way ... Dickburg - Clownlais had always been a save passage on sim 2 if there would be a "Road to SimoMania " server a vast percentage of players would switch over to it.
  5. no offence but the most of those you might want to adress with this dont give two sh#ts about proper overtaking. they jank you off your spot if they see it fit... or you just translate it in to Turkish and post it in the Turkish section .... its 80% Turks that cant drive for sh#t and spam the chat .....(and Botch & Butcher their own Language btw.)
  6. to be sarcastic : at least its a Turk mod without an Error rate of over 80% .....other then usual.
  7. Beeing a Employee of my own Company using a Factory stock stripped down junkpile of a truck doe a short buget. doomed to grind in Containerservice towards lvl 20 ...
  8. Factory Stock in service Or "of the shelf"-stock in Company Trim while testing Eco-Liner
  9. thats why i plead to punish them with a permaban right away. obvious trolls do not belong here.
  10. it is on topic .... get rid of pandora´s box better TMP without trolls in cars ... or cars generally leave it to the staff only.
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