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  1. my place used to have all kind of trucks around on the street ..... name it and you most likely see it 5 minutes later at the next traffic lights . including exotics like Mitsubishi or Isuzu. as i sayed before no Scania as far as the eye can see ...
  2. there is not a thing like "The best." This Fanboi talk is getting old.... didnt see any of both on the streets around since the beginning of the year.... but a flood of MAN , Range T and Iveco instead.
  3. it would be nice to remove the skoda once and for all ..
  4. the first thing i turned off or mute right away. its 1000x better WITHOUT it.
  5. nothing changed here ..... the engine stall soundbug for volvo and renault trucks passing by as well as a fu... ton of wierd looking shadow and textures are still a thing to complain about.
  6. rumors have it that the Genua event is a hidden ETA for 1.38 1.37 will be skiped.
  7. its 6,8 GB form 1.36 to 37 and 4.6 GB for the rollback .... also way to many unnecessary things inflating this like the windows , Failmods , bling bling where shouldnt be any , the slider bars that mostly dont work and the garage...
  8. they should left the windows , Failmods and the garage out of the equation. keep the 1.36 sounds until scs finaly fix that mess. this would save some weeks of work.
  9. I prefer the klingon style greeting .... and yank them over the Rail
  10. It's the first Monday in the new month again. I wanted to remind you of my fundraising event. I changed the name to Monday Masochism and adjusted the rules a little. Now you can join with any trailer you like (as long as it is new with 0km on it ) and choose between the longest wot jobs you can get , or puzzle the distance together with any wot job you want. the goal is still to reach at least 10.000 km for everyone ,more would be better. but make sure you are able to get these 10k with one trailer. it would be a pitty if you run out of jobs or loose your interest on this trailer. the good thing is wot jobs are the same for everyone so you can do it with your friends or out of the singleplayer. i had to do it out of my 1.37 prison ... my connection is so bad at the moment its almost not even enogh to upload a screenshot. for me personaly i bought a fresh TGX to test it and a fresh container trailer to finaly beat my own record... this action got 3 sponsors this time so its worth at least 3000€ per participant who reached the 10k score. drop your screenshots of the trailer statistic here at start and finish if you want to join. i collect them and pass them over to the sponsors for verification. and a little sidenote : the biggest part of my VTC is finaly a part of it... lets see who of them gets Gnomed ^^
  11. dude its not microsoft we are talking about ... and its not like other ppl with a little bit of know how already got their pirate hooks on it.
  12. it is a salient point ... that trailer is actually a proper cartrailer ... i had to inflate it with scs parts otherwise you wont get it over to tmp ... and this system dosnt protect us form the real hazards : Trolls who think they can stop you by blocking the line or crossroads and simply dont let you pass. the other things are just funny to watch .
  13. i dont use unknown data ... how do want to know if your files are not compromised by now ??
  14. dude its allready sucks to see ten trucks at a time in a small area ... now if all the donkeys form the next city are taken in to the concideration as well everyone would play with 5 fps.
  15. cars are used as weapons to cause damage and chaos. guys who use a car without a caravan but a ping of nearly 300 are legit trolls and those wo actually want to use them properly get punished by the system had to get these jobs done in the offline queue after beeing kicked each time ..... it sucks ....
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