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  1. things not implemented in the mod (externals) shouldnt work at all. actually it could be prevented with a backend check... literly a Inventury list of all settings and assets mirrored form a master database .... if something is off it would be so obvious like a Elephant on a golfcourd and therfor blocked. but i gess the Staff would need their own server rack for this kind of setup.
  2. in the past a wonky setup might give you a better acceleration but it had been ..... the Powertransmission had been nerfed quite a lot to be more realistic .... what im talking about is about more then just obvious speedhacks and things that should not happen what so ever ... guys are taking sharp turnes on or off the highway at full speed and their trucks act like AI .... stiff as a plank .... while you need to slow down to 45Km/h and still dance on the edge to tip over or they pick up a default trailer at Transinet in the same
  3. ditto ... i dont even know whats all the fuzz about it ?? stock Truck ... so what ?? a little bit of plastic and no clearance space over the rear wheel cover ... its not like thousends of others got the same setup ...
  4. according to the original contest over at the SCS forum only Semis got their certivication as J-spec not a single word about sdc´s or tandems.
  5. i noticed that a whole lot of Speedhacking is going on on EU Sim 1 and 2... in the last two hours i spot more then a handfull regular players as well as Employees of the Staff´s VTC´s Nitroboosting across the landscape like Slotcars. (also nothing that ID them as Admin or Staff members . ) i think i dont need to say that im not agree with this kind of practice.... there should be the same Rules and Limitations for each and everyone around here. i also thought this kind of hack had been patched out some time ago ... either im wrong or the suspects h
  6. im not sure if a Mod even count for this topic its about Trucks and not about SDC´s or other things the game do not over in vanilla condition.
  7. it might have millions of users .... but they are not online all at the same time right ?? so this kind of argument is quite weak... also there are for sure more then the max cap of the servers in the "default garage mode " before they log in at anytime right ?? as i sayd before .....this training Course could be part of the TMP Client before the log in routine and be unhinged form the server in general. also everyone who have done the training and passed it gets their chip and register there ... a simple text routine ... nothing fancy... could be eve
  8. SCS is working on something like that and we might have it with 1.41..... this could be addapted as a Module and be put before the login on the server . and "flag" new players is not that difficult to do ... this way a logfile could be generated with jobs done , time , date , and also collision data ... textfiles are small and dont even need much performence. this way its easy to sort out the notorious troublemaker and trolls and take away some of the load of the report system.
  9. how is this unfair ?? if they confuse this game with GTA or NFS they shouldnt even be allowed to joint the server . a live driving test would be legit...
  10. Initial i thought is should be a standart that everyone should support TMP .... but after some time i was thinking "for what actually?? " a batch every chinese guy gets to copy without beeing a patreon ?? a fancy trailer paintjob nobody else see and you cant take over to the SP ?? a extra section in the forum i would never use ?? no matter how i twist and turn this theres not enogh things or options that would make me spend Euros for it as much as i would like to... i would need a realy good reason to do so.... something that is worth t
  11. like i mentioned before i had spend a few years as a co-driver and i never noticed the Rig swinging form full suspention block to full suspention block at the lowest speeds like in this game. what i do noticed (i got three Industry parks in my area) every trucker plows around the corner with a speed i would never ever dare to do with my own car , and their cabin barly moves , nor the suspention show any big momentum shift while turning.
  12. its not recommended to take 90degree turns with full speed. generaly the most used parts of the map are changed with 1.40 so driving slow is a must. also if you already know your rig is easy to tip off then driving slower or changing your driving style is self-explanatory and i have to disagree with Miyus statement the lowest setting is the most unrealistic ....
  13. Owner of SSW and Contractor to FoxLog-Group
  14. Ivecos ...... Low Prize ... low running cost ... and they get the job done. Im tired listening to 10year old Scania-Volvo fanbois. DAF get it done as well ... im using a 360HP 105 for long runs ....... if you want a one-trick-pony i would suggest a TGX E6 ...those are suitable for all kind of jobs without this goofy , unrealistic fanboi-truckporn factor.....
  15. non of those ... dont feed the (Road)trolls
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