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  1. how is that one unsuitable ??? you see Ahmed schachbrett driving on the wrong side of the autobahn with the signs that says wrong way closed to enter and the regular traffic in the direction it suppose to be. it is hard up to impossible to set up screenshots to give a wrong impression buddy
  2. well even sim 2 is not save anymore if that report system woulndt be that tiresome and time intense to upload the videos 17 morrons would have a looooong time off .... would be easyer if we had a option to take screenshots instead ...
  3. just like cars double trailers should be removed. it seems like 98,9% of that Oafs who use them cant handle them anyway. it seems to me that failing to do simple things like leave , enter or take a turn in the most pathetic way possible is the new way of trolling with them.
  4. why would you need to overtake at a legal speed ??
  5. fun ?? im not sure if looking at the worst drivers ETS has to offer is anykind of fun. ife never seen someone fail at the simplest tasks in that epic scale then on that day how the f..... do you manage to flip your truck while trying to connect it to the trailer ??
  6. they picked their weakest server of the shelf to do this.... with the lowest connection capacity .... 28 ping on sim 1&2 200 - 400 ping on this one.... and for what ?? to see a handfull of guys cosplaying as NPC´S ?? geez its not worth the effort to get on this eventserver . especialy not when 20 oafs with a doubletrailer trying to enter the same depot at the same time .......
  7. thats why trolls use them first place and thats why they should be removed again
  8. both are embarrassing..... take something useful instead
  9. sorry to say that but ppl who stop pointlessly at the only sideroad traffic light around are legit Idiots. no point to stop if there is noone to harm ..
  10. shifted over to sim 2 as permanent. there is no point in joining sim 1 if you are interessted in to serious Company Business.
  11. Man TGX E6 in my Company Version for the first time since 6,5 years the only truck i want to use.
  12. all these Posers , Wannabes , Protruckers , Gamers or Fashion Victims who grab a kombi or b-double trailer and fail the most basic things like entering/leaving the depots or garages tryed to figure out whats so special about that and drove a b-double half across europe .... as someone who is used to use short single axle trailers only it was two steps out of my own shadow , but i still did not noticed any difference to a shorty to be honest ... so whats the point of b-doubles other then wasting space at thight spots and beeing a rolling obstacle ??
  13. just finished a almost 3k KM tour at 90Km/h .... still not know what ppl Mimimiung about ... 300km with AC/DC´s Thunderstruck .... 320km with Blind Guardian´s a Bards Song 300km with Dio´s We Rock 400km with Accept´s London Leather boys and so on and so forth ... that polish Radiostation is great ...
  14. any kind of Scania and Volvo... ... only fashion victims drive those love the ivecos .... the little man´s workhorse ...
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