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  1. I really love local modding, it's something I'd love SCS to implement and make it part of the tuning packs, so we can personalize more and more our trucks
  2. After SCS announced that Duisburg will get an update in 1.40 there's a possibility to see if something has changed or not, IMO I think traffic jams will still be there but not as long as before (let's hope so)
  3. When someone tries to overtake me that's when I start recording it's the only solution for that kind of drivers
  4. Se supone que todos los puertos ya existentes en el juego tienen zonas de No Colisión, ya veremos qué hace el equipo de TruckersMP al respecto pero no creo que tarden mucho en hacerlo. Saludos!
  5. The Duisburg update was really necessary, hopefully it can optimize the traffic a bit at least
  6. They've made a really good job with the Calais update and the option to buy your own low bed trailer is a great addition
  7. The Christmas event is always great but the Genoa Bridge event is one of my favourites
  8. It would be great to see it happen but as said above, the trolls are a real problem
  9. Around 142.000 Km with my Scania S And with the Volvo FH16 I have like 115.000 Km
  10. I really don't like the Renault Magnum, and maybe MAN trucks
  11. Happy birthday 🎉🎂

    1. BroluK


      Thank u so much Maxi ❤️

  12. Used to keyboard only, now I'm using a G29
  13. I'd definitely love to see it ingame
  14. Time goes by, but I keep confusing sides when I drive in the UK
  15. They both have their pros and cons and I can't decide which of them I prefer because I really like both
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