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5 minutes ago, MasaTheMan said:

Yeah as everyone knows it is. I'm obviously talking about 1.37.

The implication from your original post was that ProMods had somehow become unavailable. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that you could still play it on MP if you wanted to. :)


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tmp 1.37 patch = duke nukem forever.. come soon near you.. in 2000years.. oh well.. just a little joke on the matter..

if scs brings 1.38 tomorrow than tmp just skipped a patch.. no big deal - or is it?


dont get me wrong.. i loved the information digital gave us.. i guess fmod is harder then everyone thought and takes a good while..

or maybe scs found a way with it to shutdown mp.. fmod and fast patch release cycle.. lol *shrugs*


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FMOD requires you to register to download it & then you either have to pay for a license or you can get it free if your classed as a hobbyist ( not making profit from it ) which is what i assume TMP went with? Then actually using it looks as complex as trying to use / understand blender for the first time.....A lot of truck mods sound like the Peterbilt 389 currently due to the modding community having to learn how to use FMOD or simply not using it due to the above license requirements & fyi if they are making paid mods that means they are likely required to buy a license for something like £500 from what i read???

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1 hour ago, Taizun said:

If you're of the belief that SCS wants to shut down TMP, you're delusional. TMP has contributed massively to the continued popularity of SCS' games.


I would have to agree with this 100% , i for one would not have bought all the dlc without the mp mod , single player really does not interest me, just knowing the trucks you see are other people is amazing imo.. even though some of them can't drive to good.. ?

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1 hour ago, sgpch1983 said:

you know what sarkasm is right? also you take this out of context :)

You know what text is, right? Sarcasm doesn't work on text like it does in person. You also ended your first line with "just a little joke on the matter" so one would expect any "joking" to be over at that point, and your part that you claim is sarcasm is in a separate paragraph by itself.
If you want your sarcasm to get through on text, do a better job at it.

And no, it wasn't out of context, because the rest of your message had no contextual value that would've made your last line stand out any different.

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