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  1. Thanks for the Event Admins, very easy to follow the route with your instructions, will try to make it to the next
  2. Thanks this is exactly what i voted for, now all we need is Special heavy cargos enabled on the sim server!
  3. So, any word if the Physics are going to be added, the snow is cool and all that but having no slip is a little boring and quite frankly disapointing, as i said earlier in this thread you guys could just add it to the sim server and leave the other servers as is?
  4. Great mod, driving down tight roads is ace hard to tell where the road is at times , can we at least have physics on the sim server as most of the drivers are responsable? (in cab view, trailer min stablility , snow physics ) would = heaven... to me atleast!
  5. EU1 it's nice to see people stopping at red lights and such, much less idiot driving.
  6. Sucks that we still get deliverys for them to europe/uk though, i wonder how many people will not realise it's not allowed.
  7. i really wish people did not drive like this, so many see the game as a racing sim... in my honest opinion they should have speed limiter on at all times, but i know it will never happen as the kiddies and man children would get bored. As for the clip, it was obviously a lag spike regardless of how the person was driving. (like an idiot)
  8. Yep report the "admin" imo.. he/she does not deserve the position if this is the case and true, i can't stand people that abuse their positions personally.
  9. Blocked in my country (ENGLAND) so 5/10
  10. Amazing job devs, thank you for this great mod, only problem now is almost everybody has the 8x4... a little unrealistic but hey it is new and its expected i guess.
  11. Wish SCS would give you guys the DLC in advance, it's not like it's some tiny mod, thousands of people play it, goodluck and heres hoping everything works out fine
  12. Thank you so much for the fast updates, i was genuinly sad i could not play with the last update and did not expect to play over the weekend , on a side note, it's such a shame so many trolls that play and cannot move 1 mile from rotterdam do not realise what they have with this mod.. we are lucky belive me when i was a kid all i had were metal trucks! Anyway keep up the great work guys/girls.
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