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[GUIDE] I don't know the perpetrator's TMP ID. How can I find the Perpetrator's TruckersMP ID?

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Oh, didn't you type the command? Then read this guide!


1. Go to  "Documents" file and find the "ETS2MP" folder file in that folder.





2. Find the "logs" folder in the "ETS2MP" folder.




3. Find the log_spawning_ <dd.mm.yyyy> file. Then open that text file.


※ yyyy : year | mm : month | dd : day ※




4. You will see these windows when you open the file. Press Ctrl + F to launch the "find" system.





4. In the finder system, you can find numbers or nicknames in the multiplayer that you remember.





I hope this guide was helpful.

Thank you :)



Chinese Translation


Translator : @Soul Knight

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You can open Tmp Id from Tab Settings.

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Thank you for enlightening us on this matter.

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