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  1. One of the Periodical Convoy Events, Autumn Convoy will processing on March 28th. Anyone who interested in this event can participate except the hostile team(Blacklisted) or members. Hopefully, I want to see you in there! TruckersMP Events Tab https://truckersmp.com/events/78 All of the informations will be announced at the discord which is the TeamAudi Official Event Discord.
  2. Updated Information + Developer role separated to Game/Web/DevOps - Removed the role CM/Senior CM in Community Moderator section + Added the role, Support Trainee * Editted the role name, Game Moderator Trainer * Editted the role name, Service and Data Analyst and added this role to Upper Staff section * Editted the role name, Project Coordinator. I want to need a help "Patreon - (Bronze)" , "Patreon - Fan" and TruckersFM role. If you find the player having this role, please mention and notify me! //Updated
  3. Congrats your birthday!

    1. Racyen


      Thank you :)

  4. If Ban Evading Report is blocked from today, How to do TruckersMP Game Moderation Management give a ban to Ban Evaders Internally? meeting or researching? Generally, Ban Evading Report gives to GM Team about document. Always can not find the Ban Evaders. How to solve these problems? For example, I found the Ban Evader but I can't report it due to the rules.
  5. * Updated Community Moderation Team ( Forum Moderator / Discord Moderator ) * Changed the GMM Name ( Game Moderator Manager -> Game Moderation Manager )
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