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  1. TeamAudi 6th Anniversary Event



    Event Description


    Hello everyone! Thanks to your cooperation, We're ended this event successfully! With a great event staff and TruckersMP Staff, Participants! We're very thanks to all. That is why we hold the event every month. Time flies by very fast, it's already November. Our next event is the TeamAudi 6th Anniversary event. On December 6th, 2014, TeamAudi VTC was established. Before 1 year ago, We hold the event, TeamAudi 5th Anniversary. It was a very successful event with many people. after this, during the 1 year, I was preparing to verify VTC. Finally, TeamAudi VTC was verified by TruckersMP Community Managers on April 13th. It was very happy for me. Therefore I hope that many people celebrate our team's anniversary at the event. Of course, we're not the perfect team especially in Korea even world of. We just keep the manners with other VTCs. at least, ally Teams.



    Event Details

    Event Server Open : December 6th 2020. UTC 09:00

    Convoy Start : December 6th 2020. UTC 12:30


    Event Server Closed : December 6th 2020. UTC 17:00

    Dedicated Server Name : TeamAudi 6th Anniversary

    Server Capacity : 1,000

    Convoy Host : TeamAudi VTC


    Event Discord


    Parking Lot Reservation


    Staff Application


    Forum Topics



    If you're interested in this convoy, please contact me!


    Kindest Regards,
    TeamAudi 6th Anniversary event Founder

  2. I can't apply this role due to "Excellent communication skills" xD GG Good luck everyone.
  3. Welcome to return :)


  4. https://trucky.events/event/detail/teamaudi-vtcs-6th-anniversary-event link added.
  5. Hello Followers!


    It's a very long time no see. Today, I will announce our public event! 


    Tomorrow, our Team, TeamAudi VTC is going to hold the event, Thanksgiving Event. This event will be starting at UTC 12:30. You can find more information here

    If you have more questions, feel free to contact me via PM/DM!

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