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How to set up steering wheel


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This thread was created in order to give some advice, on how to set and calibrate your steering wheel correctly. In this case, I will take the Logitech Driving Force GT under the microscope.
In order for the installation and calibration of our steering wheel to be carried out correctly, please follow the points below. At the bottom of the thread, you can find help with which you can restore 900* in your steering wheel.



1. Program and installation

  • For proper operation, our steering wheel needs a program, ie "Logitech Profiler", which can be downloaded from this site: https://support.logi.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360024699474-Downloads-Driving-Force-GT. This program allows us to adapt the steering wheel to our needs in all kinds of computer games. Click 'Download now'. After doing this, a window appears that allows us to choose the place where the file that we downloaded should be located.
  • If our file is in the selected place, we open it. After it's opening, the installer will guide us through the installation process, according to which we proceed.






2. Profile and calibration

  • We run the installed application. We see the so-called home page of the entire program. To set the steering wheel for a given game, open the PROFILE tab, and then NEW .... A window appears in which you must select the path of our game by clicking on Browse. In my case, this is C \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ bin \ win_x86 \ eurotrucks2.exe. Remember to enter the name under our profile. The best solution is to set the name of the same profile as the name of the game under which this profile was made.
  • We go in OPTIONS and then in GLOBAL DEVICE SETTINGS. OPTIONS in the GLOBAL PROFILER SETTINGS tab it contains settings that allow you to automatically adjust your game profiles. We can also use one profile for eg two games. Having a profile adapted to ETS, we can also use it in ATS. If you want, you can also set specific settings for your profiles. All you need to do is enter EDIT and SPECIFIC GAME SETTINGS.












3. Steering wheel in the game

  • Our games can be run using the standard method or by Profiler. We can start it by selecting "Play (Game name)". In my case it is "Play ETS2". Starting the game via Profiler only starts the SinglePlayer mode. However, it should be remembered that in this program we do not have the possibility to run the launcher of TruckersMP. We have to run the launcher with a standard method. 
  • After launching and selecting our profile and loading it, we are on the main screen of the game. We go to OPTIONS. We choose the CONTROLLERS tab. In this tab, choose the Driving Force GT. We adjust the values of the sliders under each other. If we want to feel the so-called Force FeedBack in this tab, select the "Feedback technology" option. We can also adjust it in the Options (GLOBAL DEVICE SETTINGS).









1. If the steering wheel, despite passing the above instructions, has not set itself to 900*, reset the settings (Restore defaults) in the ETS in the CONTROLLERS tab, or the Keys and buttons.



2. Did you turn on the computer, enter the game, and your steering wheel still has 180*? With the steps below, you can set it without a problem in a whole minute. Everything you need is described below.


  • Open the program "Logitech Profiler", click on the Device tab, then Games Controllers....



  • In the window that appears, click Properties.



  • Another window appears with the following name: Properties: Logitech Driving Force GT. In this window, click Settings.



  • In our eyes we have the Settings window, which we close together with the other windows that we have called. After entering the game, our steering wheel should again have 900*.



3. Sometimes you don't have to follow above step. You can minimize game, click on Logitech Profiler and back to the game.



I would like to thank @szykaro23 for expressing the desire to translate this guide.


Guide is also available in Polish:



Best regards,


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I didn't need it but it would be a great help for others. Thank you! 

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Kind Regards,

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Thank you so much ❤️ 




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