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The Impact of Updates - Measured!

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Hey Truckers! 


I have a question for you all!


What update stands out to you as the update that changed or impacted the way we play TruckersMP specifically the most? (or update to Euro Truck Simulator 2, as long as it directly effects Multiplayer).

It could be a gameplay change, a rule change, or anything you can think of or remember. I think most people will say cars... But I often think back to the times when trucks in your area were not actually shown on the GPS, and I think about how crazy things would be now without that - we rely on it so much without even realizing it.


What do you think?



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2 minutes ago, MaviAteşTR said:

I think the GPS is successful because I think you want to overtake the GPS from the GPS or you know it is very nice


I definitely agree.


There are also the situations of junctions where it's not even required to check left and right anymore! You can just take a look at your GPS, and if it's clear, you can go.

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Can we go back to the days before 1.14 and when there was no Login System. 


That pure month in 2014 where there was no admins and all the server were "Freeroam" (old) EU#2 style. 


Them days were perfect. The 1.14 release did introduce the TMP Login System and this I think was the best update because of a) The New (Now Current) UI b) The Login and Profile System for TMP



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When the new Scania trucks were put in the game everyone and their mom were driving them.


Same with the caravans, everyone was using them the day they were put in, and people were complaining that the game was ruined because it became a caravan simulator instead a truck simulator. Guess they were wrong because now hardly does anyone use caravans.


That's all the significant updates I can remember.

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