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  1. You guys should give the arcade server 4200 slots too because everyone's gona get bored of 110kmp/h limit very soon and play on arcade.
  2. Was hoping that they would add my hometown which is a medium sized city in west of Lithuania but I'm not surprised they didn't.
  3. I use it a lot, I rarely say anything wise or worth listening though
  4. I think Russia will always have a lot of drivers because all the russian players will go to there and theres a lot of them, but the baltic countries and finland will be pretty empty most of the time
  5. Or maybe just disable them altogether ? Perhaps that would be easier and random events are mostly just road works and hitch hikers anyway so if they were to be disabled we wouldn't miss out on much
  6. OH MY GOD NOW THE MAX IS SPEED IS NOT 160 KM/H ( yes i know u can squeeze out a bit more with a 6 speed gear and a light trailer ) BUT JUST ONLY 150 KH/H OH MY GOD OH MY GOD WE NEED TO START A RIOT OR SOMETHING, R.I.P TRUCKERSMP ITS ALL OVER
  7. Ferry from Germany to Latvia or Lithuania
  8. That's cool but they should improve default countries and Going East before making more map DLCs because now when you travel from Sweden for example to Germany it looks like 2 different games
  9. I am from Lithuania and when I saw the picture with houses I knew it's Lithuania or Latvia.
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