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  1. You guys should give the arcade server 4200 slots too because everyone's gona get bored of 110kmp/h limit very soon and play on arcade.
  2. There isn't as many trolls as you think and they get banned frequently, I've never purposely trolled and I managed to get myself banned 4 times. Everything is good the way it is.
  3. well ive been banned for driving on grass, if anyone wants to see the report video here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhjDN2i-8OE&feature=youtu.be i come in at 0:23 my id is 1077, the way it works is if someone bothers recording you, putting the footage up on youtube then making a report through the website you're guaranteed to get banned no matter what, but if you just get reported in game then you can get away with stuff like driving on grass, driving the wrong way or even ramming. this is not a rant or anything im just giving my 2 cents
  4. When the new Scania trucks were put in the game everyone and their mom were driving them. Same with the caravans, everyone was using them the day they were put in, and people were complaining that the game was ruined because it became a caravan simulator instead a truck simulator. Guess they were wrong because now hardly does anyone use caravans. That's all the significant updates I can remember.
  5. Correct me if am wrong but they cant charge a monthly fee to play a game they didnt make, i mean not legally anyway Incase you didn't know this multiplayer mod was not made by developers of ets2 aka SCS software
  6. Seen some early preview videos and it looks good. But I dont like how you can be driving for example in the capital of Estonia and see ancient soviet cars from the 1960s.
  7. I've been banned 4 times so don't trust me, sorry.
  8. Look at it this way, if there were no cars then trolls would drive trucks without trailers and still troll. The ets2mp staff has told us before that they will not remove cars. If you want to avoid them theres servers with cars disabled or you can drive in less populated areas of the map where you'll be less likely to meet trolls. Hope this helped.
  9. Was hoping that they would add my hometown which is a medium sized city in west of Lithuania but I'm not surprised they didn't.
  10. Obviously people will overtake you if youre driving slower than them, you cant report them for that, wtf did i just read ?
  11. Sounds good to me as im not a fan of tolls myself, but ETS2MP team told us many times before they will not make any modifications to the map, you could suggest this to the developers of the game ( SCS software ) on their forum. Atlought there's 0% chance they will consider or even read your suggestion.
  12. I use it a lot, I rarely say anything wise or worth listening though
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