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Along with update 0.1.4, the multiplayer developers added the settings available when starting the multiplayer in the open TAB-e (to launch the settings window, hold the RMB, move the cursor to the Settings button and press the LMB):


General tab:

  • Development logging - enable / disable logging. Turn on if there is a possibility that you will publish bug reports or violations of other players;
  • Drivers animation - on / off animation of drivers in cabs, slightly affect performance;
  • Smoothing distance - the distance at which trucks and trailers are loaded in high quality. Does not work if the "Use low detailed models" setting is enabled;
  • Season effects - on / off snow multiplayer weather effects. Disable if you are not using a winter mod.
  • Steam notifications position - setting the position of the Steam notifications during the game;
  • Player tag - setting a tag in front of a nickname (tags containing Cyrillic may cause errors when starting the game!);
  • Load cabin accessories - display of cabin accessories for other players (a reboot of the game is required!);
  • Load flags - displaying flags from DLC players (works only if you have this DLC) affects the FPS level!
  • Scale nametags - tags and nicknames of players are scaled depending on the distance to them - the closer to the player, the larger the font;
  • Players on the world map - the choice of the color of the display of players on the map (+ the attorney)
  • Speed limiter [90 km / h] - setting a speed limit of 90 km / h (except for cities).
  • Default CB radio channel - set the default radio channel
  • Extended CB radio sounds - extended radio sounds


The Sound tab refers to the synchronized sound of other players:

  • Speaker device - select playback device
  • Sound effects - includes synchronized sound effects.
  • Master volume - the volume of the entire synchronized sound.
  • Sound effect volume - the volume of sound effects.
  • Music volume - the volume of music.
  • Voice volume - setting the volume of the radio.
  • Engine sounds - on / off engine sounds.
  • Horn sounds - on / off horn sounds.
  • Gearbox sounds - on / off sounds of gearboxes.
  • Reversing sounds - turn on / off the reverse sound of other players
  • Lift axle sounds - on / off sounds of a lifting axis.
  • Microphone device — select the sound capture device (microphone).
  • Microphone volume - adjust the microphone volume.


Graphics tab (Graphics):

  • Draw drivers - on / off model of drivers in cabs, slightly affect performance.
  • Additional lights - on / off display of additional light sources (eg flashing beacons on trailers).
  • Draw distance - the distance to display players, affects only the distance of the players in your field of vision.
  • Avatars - on / off avatars next to the player's nickname.
  • Dynamic shadows - on / off realistic shadow in trucks, greatly affects performance.
  • Fake shadows - enable / disable fake shadows under the truck.
  • Headlights - on / off headlights of other players.
  • Windows opasity - setting the transparency of windows in the game ("TAB" and the settings window).
  • Show speaking players - display the speaker's nicknames in the radio (in the upper left corner)


Mods tab:

  • contains mods that can be activated to work in multiplayer (seasonal, such as the "winter mod").



This list will be updated and supplemented.

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Thank you for the explanation of each setting in the TAB, could be useful to some! 

I think if you hover over the options, there is a little text too in the game itself :) 

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