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Hi guys, you've got the counters of players online, so why dont you have a counter for views, player etc.?


Suggestion Name: Usercounter

Suggestion Description: You set up an counte at the  bottom of the Website and put all website statistics (registered members, topics, online people, ...). It should be updated hourly or so.

Pictures: at the bottom

Why should it be added?: I would love to see this great community grow. And not only by how many players are online, but all the time.




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Yeah, its mostly meant be something like a lil gadget xD

There is no "real" use of it. I dont know how they did theyre website, but as much as i know, this really is no problem. It can be done pretty quickly, and its not that hard :D


I dunno if you think thats interesting, but as i stated above, it would be great seeing the community growing.

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A cool feature, which many websites do have, but I don't think it's really needed for users / players.

About the Devs, I'm sure they have already one. ;) 

Additionally I'm sure, there are other things which Developers are planning and which require much devote. 


However, if it would be added, it wouldn't cause me and probably other users any problems.

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