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Hi Everyone,


I do feel like users who donate should receive more recognition to contributing to the running of the community. However I feel the 30 days period and then having to donate again to keep the tag contradicts what you are saying here. I think they should just be given the tag regardless if they donate again after that point on because it shows appreciation. I just feel it would be better not to have an expiration and also it would be a lot of work for the Forum Team to keep track of all the donator's unless they can put an automated script in place.


I will support this thread if they changed the period of time you have the role to non expiry. 




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From my perspective you donate in order to support the community, not to flex around with your tag because you donated X amount of money. The whole point of donating is to support the server,devs that are working hard on this project. What you are suggesting is donating to flex on other people that dont have/want the amount. 



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