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Hello, can someone explain something to me ? Thanks


Hello, one player hitted me 2 times in a row and i want to make a complaint, i have proof video, but i dont know where to make complaint. Thanksss

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Hello @SouNNNdEr22,


There are two ways to report users within TruckersMP - Either by reporting in-game or by using the website if you have sufficient evidence.


Ingame Reporting

In order to report in-game, you first need to open the tab menu and right click in order to get access to a mouse cursor.
Click on the user that you wish to report, select the reason and an In-Game Administrator will see to the report as soon as possible.
If a player disconnected from the game, click on the history button towards the top right of the tab menu, there, you can report the user.
When reporting users, please remember that an admin might not be online at that current moment in-time. However, when an admin is online, and they view your report, they have access to a form of replay feature, whereby they can see the last 2 minutes before you reported a user. If they ban for it, you will get a chat notification stating this.


Website Reporting

To report on the website, you require some form of evidence to prove that the user is breaking rules, this can either be video proof or photographic proof. In order to create a website report, navigate to the reporting page: truckersmp.com/reports (you need to be signed into the website to access it). When you're on the reports page, you need to click 'New Report' in order to create your report. You need to obtain the user's TruckersMP ID, there are many ways to do this, one of the easier ways of doing this is by searching their username into the TruckersMP website, once you've found the perpetrator's account, copy their TruckersMP ID from the URL present within the URL (truckersmp.com/user/[TMP ID]). Creating remainder of the report is quite self-explanatory, just be as truthful as you can as you can. When providing evidence, ensure that the admin doesn't have to physically download the video and play it, this is time consuming for the admin and overall un-necessary. Please remember, when providing video evidence to administration, they reserve the right to re-upload the video, as stated in the terms and conditions of reporting - This means that the TruckersMP administration could potentially use the video against you. Therefore, just remember this saying 'Just because someone else breaks a rule, it doesn't give you the right to'. By default, you can only have 10 open reports at a given time. However, as more reports get positively rated, you will gradually be able to create more at a given time. Lastly, please remember that insulting the administrator in any way within a report could result in a punishment for yourself.

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