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[ARCHIVED] [GUIDE] How to get a Caravan Trailer?

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Hi Everyone;


Today I'll show you how to get the caravan trailer.


Firstly after you get the car come to "Free Work". Find the "Caravan" trailer here and set the GPS.






Then follow the GPS and perform the trailer connections.




Trailer with Car is Ready!


Note: This trailer is completely legal but only for Car.


Best Regards.

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On 4/15/2018 at 9:55 PM, /!\ KamaziK /!\ said:

Alright, that's how you can get caravans randomly, but how things stand if you want to spawn them with Virtual Speditor and make some custom deliveries? I still can't figure that, they just don't appear in the list of cargos.


It will appear when you're in TMP but if it's still not showing, try this steps...


1. Go to your VS folder and edit cargo.fil.

2. Add this line 


3. Save it then try again.


Hope this helps

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