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New Save Editing - Discussion (many images)

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This topic is not up to date - if a /home mod is not allowed it is now automatically kicked for.

There is mention to "Addon Hookups and Customized Accessories" in rule 3.4, here i will explain what these are, give you and show you some examples. The idea of this topic is to inform players of what these mods are and to discuss what can be done with them.


What is it?
Well this new save editing is all local-only, that is the main thing. No-one else in MP will see these modifications on your vehicle(s), however they can be used to change how your own vehicle(s) look in screenshots.

Despite looking like they could only be done through usual singleplayer mods, these mods are done via save editing, allowing them to be used in MP. These mods revolve around one very import folder "/home": this is the way that your game starts references to files in your "documents/euro truck simulator 2/" folder, its what profile file path start with in the game's internal file structure (this works for ATS as well).

I first found out about "/home" when I made a typo which caused my save not to load, and it said the profile failed to load from "/home/profiles/..." and so on, so i thought "Can i put a trailer skin in /home?" and the answer is yes. Any type of asset (model, texture, sii etc) can be in "/home" however for the purposes of MP you MUST comply with rule 3.4 in the link at the top of this topic.


Got any examples?
Here are some examples of vehicles and trailers created using "/home" based mods:


Short curtainside trailer - (trailer accessory):


(Alternate link: https://prntscr.com/iztzog)


Insulated double (with extended rear trailer, the extra "length" has no collision in order to comply with 3.4) - (trailer accessories, not chassis):

(Alternate link: https://prnt.sc/iztzoh)


ETS1 Reefer makes a return - (trailer accessory):

(Alternate link: https://prntscr.com/izu08k)


Custom Volvo bullbar - (truck accessory):

(Alternate link: https://prntscr.com/iztzx0)


8x4 Volvo with aero spoiler and fuel tanks to make it resemble a 6x4 (and custom trailer) - (trailer accessory + truck accessory):


(Alternate link: https://prntscr.com/iztzzh)


A roadtrain hauling KW900 - (addon hookup, attached to light slot):

(Alternate link: https://prntscr.com/iztz65)


Volvo Classic with fake rear axle (the extra "length" has no collision in order to comply with 3.4) - (truck accessory, not chassis):

(Alternate link: https://prntscr.com/iztzho)


Double trailer with the looks of the "aero dynamic" trailer - (trailer accessories):


(Alternate link: https://prntscr.com/izu08t)


Please feel free to ask questions below, that includes things like "Could you make something like the for MP: <image>". If anyone wants to see what these example parts look like in blender then please ask and i will show it, please also feel free to post screenshots of your own mods of this type.


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Guest MHT_

Sounds and looks good so far! :D

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Guest User278910102999999998

having our own custom trailers for VTC's will be just too complex to do, therefore wont be introduced on MP anytime soon

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