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Get email notifications on the status of web reports


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Suggestion Name: Get an email on the status of your web reports

Suggestion Description: When your web report is posted ("Your web report has been successfully posted"), changes status from new or waiting for admin to "waiting for admin", "declined" or "accepted", get an email alert to tell you about it. If an admin has left a message when accepted or declined, it should also quote that message in the email. Possibly make it an opt in/out service? So people will start to get the emails but at the bottom there will be the words opt out as a hyperlink, taking you to a confirmation page saying "Are you sure you want to opt out?". Also there should be a button on the reports page to opt in again if someone changes their mind about opting out. EDIT: Maybe make it an opt in thing instead.

Any example images: Nope.

Why should it be added?: So people know if their report has been declined or accepted so if it needs extra attention (eg, more evidence/video needed) and they will not forget about it/forget to check it.



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If you select the once per week email, doesn't that defeat the purpose of getting email updates?


I like this idea as an opt-in service. It would ensure that admins are not waiting on replies from the reporter if they have this service enabled. Also, admins should be able to see if the user has this enabled or not.

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