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A Option or command that shows the keys in MP

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Suggestion Name: A option or a command in Menu or chat.

Suggestion Description: That sees the controls in Multiplayer .

Any examples images: (Not image but I have a proof so please read this): Yesterday when I'm was some Km before Duisburg and there was traffic jam, somebody said: Why I cant see the names. 

Why should it be added?: It will help a lot the peoples what they should press for chat, disappear the names, disappear and chat and voice chat. (Btw what is the key for Voice chat? V key is now replaced) I think its important


Note: I think it created but from me and only a reply.

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+1 I like this idea too. for example when SCS rolled out the update with V as the hotkey for differential, the in-game hotkey for voice CB had changed. It would be great to see the hotkeys.


And to add on to this idea.. maybe placing the hotkey commands together with the "/help" in the chat bar - "/hotkeys" (although some new drivers MIGHT complain they don't even know which button is to open the chat bar in the first place)

 Ex - GM & FM (S.E.A)

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