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Launcher TruckersMP does not work for me with the new build of Windows 10 Creator.

Go to solution Solved by Fineline123,


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Do you think you could provide a screenshot of the error you are receiving from the launcher?


Currently a common error occurring for people - is the fact that they updated their game to the newest version of ETS2 and since MP is not compatible with the update, the launcher will not start the game.


If you provide a screenshot - I can be sure that what I said above is the reason to why you are having your issue or whether your issue is caused by another factor.




Do you mean the launcher does not even start / appear on the screen and ceases to load? 


Administrator or compatibility made may be the solution for you.


Right click TruckersMP --> Properties --> Compatibility --> Select "Run this program in Administrator" .


Right click TruckersMP --> Properties --> Compatibility --> Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and choose Windows 8 or Windows 7 . 





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On 13/4/2017 at 2:44 PM, Fineline123 said:

Desactivar / Salir de cualquier tipo de programa en pantalla, como MSI Afterburner y NZXT CAM Software, con el incapacitado, debe ser capaz de iniciar el lanzador.

Hello, Thank you very much the problems is with the MSI Afterburner and the Riva Tuner! Curiously until now it gives me that problem since I had it open before and it worked me well, but now if I have open the MSI and the Riva, the launcher is not executed. Hopefully, they can solve that soon. Thank you very much to all.

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Guest DFGssadWGEYGTWESGasadfdy

There is another thread with the same problem. Try running the game in compatibility mode or try downgrading your windows 10 to the version before

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Could you please try this and see if it has any effect.


  1. On your log in screen, press and hold Shift key and click Restart.
  2. Click Troubleshoot.
  3. Click Reset this PC, and choose Keep my files.


Keep my files will do the following:

  • Reinstalls Windows 10 and keeps your personal files.
  • Removes apps and drivers you installed.
  • Removes changes you made to settings.
  • Removes any application your PC manufacturer installed.

Please also try using the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool as well if the above doesn't work.




Much thanks,

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