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  1. Consulta porque motivo el DLC de Special Transport No se pueden usar? Las van a incluir en algun momento? tambien me ha pasado varias veces a que ciertas cargar no se muestran en el MP, ejemplo me paso con la carga de bulldozer yo la via en mi PC bien pero con los amigos que andaba solo se les mostraba la carreta vacia no se mostraba el bulldozer.
  2. Hola tengo los DLC de cargas: Forest Machinery, Special Transport, Heavy Cargo. y varias cargas de estos DLC si las uso en el MP me expulsan. porque no se pueden usar -.-
  3. Hello, Thank you very much the problems is with the MSI Afterburner and the Riva Tuner! Curiously until now it gives me that problem since I had it open before and it worked me well, but now if I have open the MSI and the Riva, the launcher is not executed. Hopefully, they can solve that soon. Thank you very much to all.
  4. Launcher TruckersMP does not work for me with the new build of Windows 10 Creator. The problem is when I try to open the launcher I just will not have it.
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