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Convoy Picnic Mod - Trailer picker mod

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Hi All


Out of curiosity I looked at the new SCS structure VS the last mod I did (1.14.x), and thought I might try a theory I got and yip it worked.

Wish they had this function a few years ago, would have saved me a lot of time spend on mods for MP.


Anyway, If you guys want to use it. Unfortunately it was to big to be attached (1.8mb), had to upload it else where.


This is for base game cargo only, I didn't do the DLC's cargo as I don't want it to create errors for the people that don't have the DLC'S.

Pick the trailer you want and the trailer skin goes according to location/company collected.

Hook up and save. Join MP.


>> Link: Download Here










>> Link: Download Here


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Guest GoodByeTruckers

no longer needed to download trailer mod one by one, very useful thanks.

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