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[FORUM] Signature & Forum Banner (File) Size

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Guest Anriandor

Dear Imaginative Lad,


thank you very much for providing this guide. It was really helpful after I have almost gotten a penalty for my signature size because I did not know that I exceeded the limit with my 160kB rather than the allowed 150kB.


I will take this guide into consideration if I am going to change my signature again or if I create a new one :)


Keep up the work and continue writing useful guides (y)


Kind regards ;)



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Your theory is incorrect.


The width is not 1800, but 1777.

The height is not 270, but 200.


H:270 is the dimension including the black bar underneath the picture:



1777x200 is the dimension your cover photo is supposed to be (or any size with similar aspect ratio):


For example: mine is 5184x582.


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@Tuna_Thanks for your reply!


I've read that topic as well and had my doubts after reading it, so I put this thing to the test :P.


To confirm my suspicion I have used both 'dimensions' extension (chrome) and MS Paint.

Both pointing out that the correct dimension should be 1777x200.


Cover photo itself (chrome extension):




Black bar (chrome extension):




Cover photo itself (MS Paint):




Black bar (MS Paint):





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1 hour ago, Tuna_ said:

@CptAir Thank you for sharing your opinion


1777 x 200 pixels would be the most correct number, however, the all size of Cover Photo ( with black bar ) is approximately 1800 x 270 pixels , therefore,  that´s the correct size that a cover photo should have.




In this case the lower part of your cover photo would vanish behind the black bar (just like the photo in your opening post), which I don't think is quite supposed to happen.

But that of course, is whatever one prefers.




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