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Allow searching shorter tags


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Suggestion name: Allow searching shorter tags (< 4)

Suggestion description: The 'st' or 'searchtag' command allows to search for tags used in the game. Currently the command requires the tag

                                           to search for to consist of at least 4 letters or more. I think it would be much more useful to allow to search for shorter tags.

Any example images: Nope

Why should it be added? Many players use their country they come from as tag. It seems as if most people followed the ISO 3166-1 standard which is

                                            similiar to what FIFA uses. Example countries would be:

  • GER (Germany)
  • FRA (France)
  • AUT (Austria)
  • NED (Netherlands)
  • ...
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I'd also like the same for the /s (/search) function. I believe admins already have access to this also.


However I (taking a guess) reckon we can't because incase someone were to flood the system with typing "/st a" and it'd come up with thousands of results, causing unwanted lag for the player- leading to an accident.

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Well I'd see two solutions to that. Either lower the limit to 3 letters so country codes still are supported, or

clamp the resultlist and inform the player that some results are not displayed because there were too many.

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Nice Idea, the normal /s function requires 3 or more characters, so I don't know why the /st function doesnt have the 3 character limit.

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