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  1. Thankyou! And I understand the argument that this is a truck simulator, but I don't know any good car simulator out there with such a big community. Also in a car simulator you won't have other player trucks driving which makes your "adventure" more interesting too. I can't imagine it will take ages to add additional cars, assuming the performance stays the same for all car models, just a different exterior. But even if it takes long, I don't mind waiting for features like that, as I would also wait for others that might take long..
  2. I kind of like the idea, I sometimes appreciate to drive a car, although the physics could be less "trucky-ier" ....... Also that would probably add a lot of work, but one might consider letting people from this community offering their own interiors? I think it is quite amazing all the people claiming that people drive terrible in cars, obviously they do not take any look at other drivers. While driving a lot between Calais and Duisburg I have almost seen more reckless truckers than car drivers....! (Although I could agree that is not true for other routes on the map...)
  3. Well it's been quite a while now.... Any feedback on this...?
  4. https://stats.truckersmp.com/api#game_time That's what I found out after reading through the documentation...
  5. Well I'd see two solutions to that. Either lower the limit to 3 letters so country codes still are supported, or clamp the resultlist and inform the player that some results are not displayed because there were too many.
  6. Suggestion name: Allow searching shorter tags (< 4) Suggestion description: The 'st' or 'searchtag' command allows to search for tags used in the game. Currently the command requires the tag to search for to consist of at least 4 letters or more. I think it would be much more useful to allow to search for shorter tags. Any example images: Nope Why should it be added? Many players use their country they come from as tag. It seems as if most people followed the ISO 3166-1 standard which is similiar to what FIFA uses. Example countries would be: GER (Germany) FRA (France) AUT (Austria) NED (Netherlands) ...
  7. No clue if this is just for web-development or not.... seems like so Anyway you want to add 'ideone.com', which allows to run most code online specifying the input. I say most code as graphical applications obviously will not work.. Another thing you want to add is 'hackerrank.com'. It has a nice 30-day tutorial allowing you to learn programming in many languages, although it focuses on Java. There are many other sections to improve your coding or simply your knowledge on, perhaps databases. To just improve your coding, though focusing on algorithms, you should check out 'spoj.org'.
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