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Hello, new update is here.     Changelog: Fixed lags caused by Flags DLC Added ghost mode Network optimizations Support for Mighty Griffin DLC Support fo

Hotfix called released.   Added support for South Korean Paint Jobs Pack & Chinese Paint Jobs Pack. Also some other fixes.

What's "Ghost mode"?  

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1 hour ago, Renetjuhhh123 said:

I think it's time for another update. I can be wrong, but I thought the high pings already were fixed? And still they're high!

Ping in most cases can't be fixed. It's the location of the server which causes the low or high ping you get (the closer the server, the lower the ping) and keep in mind that servers do cost money!


And ping spikes are normally caused by your own end, nothing people at TruckersMP can do about it. Sometimes it happens (happens to me with Aussie internet sometimes lol...), just gotta put up with it :P 

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1 minute ago, Renetjuhhh123 said:

That's possible, but it is a problem if I want to overtake someone who is driving really slow. I've got a good internet connection and still I've got a high ping.


If you want to avoid lag as much as possible, choose a server with less population and/or one which is closest to your physical location. And always leave approx 100m when overtaking, to allow for lag :)

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