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  1. Thats some nice looking Scania ! photo from 2015 http://imgur.com/Oi2JpKN

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    2. stormpeaks66


      I wish it was like that in the game haha!

    3. DiegoLBC1


      Me too hahahahaha

    4. FirestarteR93


      'tis I wantz!

  2. - Did you use save editing ? If you make save editing and you miss even one single letter , the profile will become unusable and it will either reset to 0 or just remove the profile completely. - You might also be using the wrong ETS2 shortcut which leads to the multiplayer mod not recognizing your profile , verify that the installation was made in the same directory as where you installed MP. - Download a game save from any of the mods website such as http://www.ets2mods.org/tag/savegame or whichever you prefer and try to use it in Multiplayer , if that works there is an issue with the old profile , if it doesnt work then sadly i'm out of ideas.
  3. The rule changed due to the fact people were abusing mods to modify trailers completely, causing fps issues and crashes for others. I'm afraid this rule will not change in the future , probably for the greater good.
  4. As no permanent fix exists , you should reset it with f7 when you have that issue , its the easiest way at the moment. The ingame time works differently in multiplayer thus causing this issue.
  5. 99.99% map discovery , no sign of the last part...

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    2. stormpeaks66


      I give up for now eventually i'll find it one day by mistake : P

    3. UserX
    4. UserX


      you will find it now or more late... :P

  6. All hybrid trucks are allowed. The only thing not allowed is to make hybrid cars , for example switching the car engine with a truck one. But switching the engine or cab of your truck wont get you banned.
  7. Can be moved to solved , issue fixed itself.
  8. I would like to update this thread for 2 purpose. First is why did Rhys's post get removed aswell as mine adding evidences to my thread ? Rhys was trying to help and apparently someone removed his post. Whoever that moderator is , please PM me so we can settle it as i'm not ok with that., this is my thread asking for help and removing posts with evidences and people trying to help is counter productive. Second i did a new speedtest for testing purpose and here is the result http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5457926382 ATS looks fine on US server and i'm having no disconnects so there is an issue with ETS2 EU2 only apparently. Latency is still flying high now that i logged EU2 again. 7352 ms now while i'm on a steady 122 MS logging into ATS US realm from Europe.
  9. Had the same issue once again , http://imgur.com/UafVI6H Lag went to that much then switched back immediatly to 29 ms. I did not try EU1 yet or EU3 , i might test it though , thanks for the advice Kicked again right now with 898 ms... Tried to reset the modem but no good , still only happening with this game , i tried to play other online games no issues
  10. Well the images explains what is happening , since yesterday i'm having lag spikes apparently yet my internet has no issues at all except with the multiplayer mod. http://imgur.com/KZlNYqA shows my lag when i got kicked http://imgur.com/s5yJDvP shows my average latency in the game Speed test http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5457869812 1:18 AM http://imgur.com/UafVI6H I really dont understand what is happening and its happening only since yesterday yet my internet is totally fine with any other game except for Truckers MP multiplayer.
  11. There was a new update last night , these issues were for patch before the hotfix
  12. ^ Yep he need to check if his processor is compatible thats logical , i dont think you are allowed to just update like that anyway , it actually checks if you have 64 bit available
  13. You can upgrade it to 64bit as far as i'm aware , costs like 80€ i think
  14. Doesnt make any difference on others servers sadly , and trust me it has nothing to do with the flag DLC , its off for me and i have the same result as you.
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