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  1. I overtake wile in a car sometimes. But only during quiet times and te sigt is clear.
  2. Actually any mod that is in the mod manager won't work.
  3. I did not find the lag to not be so bad actually. Or well until it crashed.
  4. Cause they can. We are painting a wall in my house and would you recommend a slight grey color or a white color?
  5. Regards to the above Ghost mode is that when you spawn in the game you'r truck will be unable to crash into someone for a few seconds, this prevents accidents due to people spawning in the middle of the road.
  6. You should say that using a manual geabox is a big help!
  7. I really like the fjords in norway but my favourite place is Västerås in Sweden.
  8. But how would the admins actually keep track of everybody @Penguinexpert1? Lets say 3 people are stopped at europort and the admins have no idea of long they have been there. Should the admins start a timer everytime someone is not moving? it's just not practically viable and if you have ben unfairly banned just use the appeal system! Because just if something happes that rarely someone gets unfairly banned whe shouldn't change the whole system! BTW i have seen that you have been unbanned now which means tthe system worked right?
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