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Tachograph simulation for players


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On 12/30/2015 at 7:42 PM, KurdiStaN said:



It shows how many hours/minutes you've been driving, it also tells you how long distance you traveled and tells your speed (from start to end). In real life this is mostly for the companies this is needed in trucks that delivery stuff for money, and that is also so the company can see if you have been driving more than you should also if you have been speeding..

As i discovered that very nice topic recently and i went through all the posts, i ended up here with your post mate bcs somewhere you did a mistake. The tachograph is a control tool that gives the necessary info to the one who will control your vehicle AND your driver's tachocard and to you as a transporter, driver, owner. What i want to say is that a digital tachograph is recording your speed (max 90km/t, your working days, the days the truck worked, your pause (45' or 15' and 30` and 24h in max 56h driving per week or 45h in max 90h per 2 weeks), the time you spent in a ferry or in a train (counts also as pause *if that follows the EU regulations), the OUT option where you can use it when you are in your base ONLY (30' a month), the country you started, the country you stopped, time, language selection, vehicle info, driver 1 and driver 2 info, the last 24h info, printing, amount of driven kilometers (how many km your vehicle has right now), traveled distance in a new shift and since you entered your card in the slot and so on.  About fines and police. With the new tachograph system you wont have anymore that creepy pull aside, give me your palers and your card or wait one minute im coming back to connect my computer to your fuse or to download your tachograph machine's details. With the new system you will still driving, you will never be stopped or interrupted from your shift but the control will be wireless and via satellite. Withon few words control from distance. You will drive but the fine will fly to your house or to your company meanwhile. So i guess you cant escape. That mean that if you would do in-game a bs, you would get the fine the same way. Isnt fantastic? Without an option to disable it. That would put all the fast and curious bois in the order we expect. Then the accidents woukd be automatically eliminated by 99.9%, nobody would have any complaint and on the road you eoukd be able to meet more people. People who would take a pause somewhere (gas stations, parking places, companies...etc) or even on the road while driving with normal speeds. 


This machine is for THE DRIVER and then for the company. Also there's a company card, workshop card and driver's card. It depends always for what reason you need it and for what kind of work. 


The money has nothing to do with the tachograph. The tachograph came to our lives just as a control measurement (police - > drivers) for the police or other responsible services to check, control, inspect and all. 


It would be a HUGE improvement if that tool would exist here. The limits would be followed by fines according to the EU regulations (for specific servers or even just for the one that will exist for those who wanna simulate 99.9% the way it is in real life). Nobody would be in just 5 mins with 120 or even 120+ to finish a job "bcs they are getting easily bored" (then they are NOT even virtual drivers and they will NEVER be, but they are surely jokes...bad jokes) bcs after a minute with over 90km/t that is automatically recorded in the machine/ecu/driver's card as a speed violation and that would give you troubles in real life, a very good fine in-game, the pause would be savior, bcs you wanna go to the wc, eat something fast, do a coffee or whatever else you would like to do at that time, you will have few mins to do those things (even to get up from your chair/couch) without to interrupt the game by pausing it from the menu. Just handbrake, engine off, parking place and not middle of the road, or even an opening somewhere that wouldnt bother or block nobody, control of your km and time, get a real feeling of how is to drive under these conditions and with these rules. All the rest who dont like that they should go arcade or to keep playing sim1. 


I really really really would love to see that function here. For sure i can and will help every single one who wants to learn the tachograph machine and its functions, even to post a full detailed article function by function, combinations, driving time, resting time and combinations and etc. Not 100% easy but i would give it a 90% at least. 


Well, lets see if the TMP team would be able to dare something like that. It needs guts and strong will to dare something like that, but im sure they would have to win even more out of it (from players like me and like many many many others). The only thing we would need is a separate server with all the legal limits and etc, including that function too inside. 


The other thing that i would like to see together with that is the reefer control. Even virtual and with no affection on the cargo (with it would be even better but well, who cares to go so deep to reach that detail) it would be a pleasure to be able to adjust temperatures, cyclic or auto function, defrost, on off, set temperatures or choose preselected (it depends on the cargo you would have frozen 0 to - 20, deep frozen - 21 till...it depends on the cargo (meat, ice cream...etc) or just cooling from 2-8° (f. Ex. Vegetables, flowers, fruits...et). Being able to adjust these machine, you will be able to learn the machine too. Automatically you will be able to know the functionality in-game and in reality (no need of the alarm codes or other more detailed functions). 


These from me. 


Kind greetings 


Troms Cargo AS 

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+1 from me.


This would be a great addition for the platform. However, some people may not want to use it.


That is why I think it should be optional. Perhaps it could be on the truck configuration when you go to the service station?

This would definitely enhance the realism that TMP is trying to have.

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good lord this thread has been dug up from the grave!

I tried a run across the map keeping to the EU tacho regulations and it sounds easy however you have to pay close attention to your start time and map, also when you have your 11 hour daily rest in MP, the time does not advance for you, great ideal for single player however do you really want it so that after totting up 9 hours driving you get kicked from the server for 11 in game hours to simulate having your daily rest, during which time you can not log back into the servers because you are meant to be asleep in your trucks bunk, or if you have racked up weekly total and you have to take your 45 hour weekly rest, do you want to be again "banned" from the server for a period of time equal to 45 in game hours?

i can pretty much guess the answer would be NO to this. 

also when you sit for your 45 min break after 4 and a half hours, you might get caught out by the AFK timer. 


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