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  1. ReierV8


    I know. But well it would be nice to include that too as the traffic between players and AI would be more interesting. At least in a specific, separate server with specific rules and limits.
  2. Dude you are tiring. You can't convince nobody. First you had 150 and then now you say 110 bcs the TMP said MAX 110...BUT...MAX 110km doesn't mean that you should reach it.....and you feel proud by trying to avoid collisions and blablabla...bla. Yeah sure. Maybe scs should also releash a special series of vehicles for you and your kind. With rocket trucks, dragsters, flying trucks, spinning trucks, monster trucks, destruction arena type trucks and all the nice super exaggerated vehicles. Right... 90km is boring but 110 or 150 yeah its super. I wonder if you really have seen a real truck on the road. By the gay, allow me to remind you that the game's name is euro TRUCK SIMULATOR and not euro crash test truck or something similar to it. If you can't stand what that game is made for, then you should NOT be here by taking the place in-game of someone else who would like to playing in one of the servers (talking always about the server you play mister) the correct way in a "simulation" game and one more to enter a truck simulator in MP, which means that the specific person is looking to interact together with the rest players in a simulating way. I really didnt appreciate that "confession" and for sure I'll keep an eye on you to make sure that we will NEVER meet up on the road. Get in mind or go single player and there mod it and drive with 500km/t if you want until your truck will open a hole in your monitor and will jump out. Now tell us that you play with keyboard or mouse amongst the 110km to finish it once and for all. Btw2, you cannot predict if the empty roads you claim that you drive with high speed will still be empty at every single second as that it depends also from the player's last save before the exit. That means that a player could appear middle of a road (for any reason f.ex.game crash, alt-f4 exit...etc), on a side or wherever you might be and at that specific time you will do a magical trick, it could be also possible to meet other player that will appear and you possibly didnt check. The winter mode makes it even more difficult and more dangerous. It gives 150% up for a collision to happen out of blue. Like i said with those high speeds it would be more wise if you guys would: either stay in one server (f.eks. Sim1 with collisions or arcade without collissions, where you can make it even a falcon x ready for mars if you want), either to go single player and nobody would report you, you wouldnt destroy nobody's game time, you wouldnt ruin nobody's the day, you wouldnt irritate the players around and everyone would be happy by enjoying his game time. I also want to mention that I totally support TMP's road to simulation- us careful speeders are not here to hinder advancement of this community, we just have a different style Dude what are you writing here? How can you support the rules when you oppose them? When you stand against them by running on the top limit nonstop? And what? You the careful speeders??? And you just have different style? Wha...what are you really saying??? Can you understand what you write here? You are just saying contradictory things. There's nothing here that writes that you can top speed in a "respectful way". Dude thats a stephen king's scenario written in a very bad way. Btw3: mate if i would be a gm, now you would be able to play ONLY SP and that would happened with your written confession here. Just saying... Think of it...as long as nobody yet reported you and you have still the right to drive here. Still...kind greetings ReierV8 Troms Cargo AS
  3. Yeap, you are right, but i just like to include every single detail when it comes to a specific point (including players, gms or anyone and anything else). Thanks.
  4. So you agree that the 160km limit is a joke. Right? How can you prove that (maybe not you) but other gms dont misuse that speed limit for their advance? We don't know, we cant control that. Let's be realists. Btw, your servers, your rules, but still for me is a joke that part i mentioned earlier. About my disagreements i dont think that anyone here from the stuff would take me in a serious way (but well, you all rule a game (by cutting and sewing in your measuring and according to your beliefs), i rule a reality), so, that would be just wasted energy for nothing. Btw2, that should not offend you or whatever else as i talk generally and not pointing to a specific person. Within few words, i see exceptions that really shouldn't exist as that gives the right to the braindead players (the fasters) to cause a mess WITH a reason and always according to what the..."rules" saying. Thanks and have a nice game.
  5. The game management group is trollibg also somehow. Lastly, we have made some small changes to the speed limiter. Staff members that have Game Moderation permissions have had their speed limiter raised to 160 km/h (100 mph) in order to let them fulfill their duties in the best way possible. That's a super trolling mode "level 160" with supposed reason and for sure presented as something normal bcs it comes for the game moderators. Pfff.....
  6. I really regret that i bought that dlc. I never use it, i dont like those places and generally...yeah. The maps i had were enough. I hope iberia dlc will save that bs scs did (as we already had those places from promods anyway). Too expensive and just waste of money. Just as the most of the paintjobs dlcs...waste of money and energy. I would prefer maybe Hellas and Kypros in a full map the same as Scandinavia in a full map from scs and not as they did with oslo, bergen, stavanger, kristiansand, drammen. Oh its ok. Map complete. Lazy and cheap work from scs. Spain and portugal are coming to open the map for real, but still. From scs i dont expect much. Maybe 3-4 cities and thats all. I smell half map again or less than half as always.
  7. Again you dont tell me nothing. From trucking and laws very few people in my life could stand my points. Now if you drive 14 years, the way you drive, if you ever used magnets, pins, double cards and etc...i dont care. Until i see you on the road beside me i cannot express my opinion about your kind but about the limits here i can as i see more and more players who demand stable 90. If im thr bad guy here or not, you can ask many guys in-game who know me but also in real life with real names, telephone numbers, addresses and etc. Now to our topic, the limit MUST be 90. If you see calais and duisburg in sim1 ok, then your driving perception is a pure null for me and for many others who have the same complaints, same problems. If you like to chill in those areas with friends and just idling you must know that you all bother other players with low graphics power and low power machines, you overload the server, you ara the cause of the nonstop lagging there and so on... Ps: about real trucking, i dont want to hear again personalized opinions. Im fed up from all those super road stars everyday. Btw: i didnt insult you directly but mate it was really funny what you wrote about calais and those affected areas by idlers, also that the curreny speed is ok bcs other players cannot overpass and etc. That was absolutely funny. It's hilarious and you have to accept it bcs that was tragic you wrote. I dont say that you dont know a thing but about the game it was just funny for me at least. Dont take everything personally. After all we talk about a game. Most of the players are just for fun (crashes, flying vehicles, super spinning vehicles and etc), some of the players are trying to get closer to the reality the more they can, the more possible...bcs that's how they enjoy the "game". Thanks for the laughter (about the specific things i already mentioned above). It was my pleasure to reply back mate. Kind greetings ReierV8 Troms Cargo AS
  8. As i discovered that very nice topic recently and i went through all the posts, i ended up here with your post mate bcs somewhere you did a mistake. The tachograph is a control tool that gives the necessary info to the one who will control your vehicle AND your driver's tachocard and to you as a transporter, driver, owner. What i want to say is that a digital tachograph is recording your speed (max 90km/t, your working days, the days the truck worked, your pause (45' or 15' and 30` and 24h in max 56h driving per week or 45h in max 90h per 2 weeks), the time you spent in a ferry or in a train (counts also as pause *if that follows the EU regulations), the OUT option where you can use it when you are in your base ONLY (30' a month), the country you started, the country you stopped, time, language selection, vehicle info, driver 1 and driver 2 info, the last 24h info, printing, amount of driven kilometers (how many km your vehicle has right now), traveled distance in a new shift and since you entered your card in the slot and so on. About fines and police. With the new tachograph system you wont have anymore that creepy pull aside, give me your palers and your card or wait one minute im coming back to connect my computer to your fuse or to download your tachograph machine's details. With the new system you will still driving, you will never be stopped or interrupted from your shift but the control will be wireless and via satellite. Withon few words control from distance. You will drive but the fine will fly to your house or to your company meanwhile. So i guess you cant escape. That mean that if you would do in-game a bs, you would get the fine the same way. Isnt fantastic? Without an option to disable it. That would put all the fast and curious bois in the order we expect. Then the accidents woukd be automatically eliminated by 99.9%, nobody would have any complaint and on the road you eoukd be able to meet more people. People who would take a pause somewhere (gas stations, parking places, companies...etc) or even on the road while driving with normal speeds. This machine is for THE DRIVER and then for the company. Also there's a company card, workshop card and driver's card. It depends always for what reason you need it and for what kind of work. The money has nothing to do with the tachograph. The tachograph came to our lives just as a control measurement (police - > drivers) for the police or other responsible services to check, control, inspect and all. It would be a HUGE improvement if that tool would exist here. The limits would be followed by fines according to the EU regulations (for specific servers or even just for the one that will exist for those who wanna simulate 99.9% the way it is in real life). Nobody would be in just 5 mins with 120 or even 120+ to finish a job "bcs they are getting easily bored" (then they are NOT even virtual drivers and they will NEVER be, but they are surely jokes...bad jokes) bcs after a minute with over 90km/t that is automatically recorded in the machine/ecu/driver's card as a speed violation and that would give you troubles in real life, a very good fine in-game, the pause would be savior, bcs you wanna go to the wc, eat something fast, do a coffee or whatever else you would like to do at that time, you will have few mins to do those things (even to get up from your chair/couch) without to interrupt the game by pausing it from the menu. Just handbrake, engine off, parking place and not middle of the road, or even an opening somewhere that wouldnt bother or block nobody, control of your km and time, get a real feeling of how is to drive under these conditions and with these rules. All the rest who dont like that they should go arcade or to keep playing sim1. I really really really would love to see that function here. For sure i can and will help every single one who wants to learn the tachograph machine and its functions, even to post a full detailed article function by function, combinations, driving time, resting time and combinations and etc. Not 100% easy but i would give it a 90% at least. Well, lets see if the TMP team would be able to dare something like that. It needs guts and strong will to dare something like that, but im sure they would have to win even more out of it (from players like me and like many many many others). The only thing we would need is a separate server with all the legal limits and etc, including that function too inside. The other thing that i would like to see together with that is the reefer control. Even virtual and with no affection on the cargo (with it would be even better but well, who cares to go so deep to reach that detail) it would be a pleasure to be able to adjust temperatures, cyclic or auto function, defrost, on off, set temperatures or choose preselected (it depends on the cargo you would have frozen 0 to - 20, deep frozen - 21 till...it depends on the cargo (meat, ice cream...etc) or just cooling from 2-8° (f. Ex. Vegetables, flowers, fruits...et). Being able to adjust these machine, you will be able to learn the machine too. Automatically you will be able to know the functionality in-game and in reality (no need of the alarm codes or other more detailed functions). These from me. Kind greetings ReierV8 Troms Cargo AS
  9. Yeah, the quote thing didnt work at all this time. Pffff.... Anyway, let me remind you the comedy you offered to the community here: --- i don't hate the limiter, but i think they didn't think it straitly 100% (the managers)even with this limitation a lot of accidents happen because they cannot overtake u properly especially on highways when someone is driving slowly, he can overtake u ez, but when u find someone who wants to be in front of all others and he cannot stop hes "stupidity", because he wants to pass everyone even that he has a equal speed as u do because sometimes i cannot explain why even that u have 110km/h he passes u slowly...... and he ends up upside down. To my knowledge, the road between Duisburg and Calais is in good condition and therefore does not need to be fixed. The reduction of the speed limit however is not a mean to counter troll acitivities or poor driving skills but to decrease the high number of accidents caused by driving at excessive speed. --- To your knowledge my friend, you have no clue, what you talk about, neither knowledge, nor sense of conditions( im not insulting, neither degrading, nor anything else. Just talking straight and trying to explain. Not bad when someone is wrong or doesnt know or understand few things bcs of the specific lack of the proper info). If you want ro overpass wait until you reach a downhill or stay behind as i was saying. If you think that calais-duisburg area in sim 1 is ok and theres no reason for correction then again you are wrong. The place is a pure lag. 200+ players constantly idling, parked wherever they want, doing whatever they want, crashing on you and they report you too. So, you are damaged and reported with a well edited video. Btw, is lagging so hard even the strongest machines with the best monitors are struggling there. To my point now, from MY working and driving experience (16 years on the EU roads) i ended up to a conclusion which actually i use here too as it keeps me safe and im always able to reach my destination. The slower, the better. The slower you go, the better you can handle a vehicle with total vekt 40t/50t, the slower you go, the better you can steer and control your vehicle, the slower you go the less tickets you will get and the less points from your license you will lose (that last in reality, but also you avoid to get fined here, in-game). Also you are avoiding the most important flaw here: the accident, a death, destruction, mass destruction and all the horrids you can possibly imagine. Thats why i said that it was very funny. That game gave to many people the chance to feel how is the whole thing, how it feel to sit behind a steering wheel(without that to allow you to feel the volume of the vehicle, the cargo weight, floods, the cargo volume, strong winds, and the road traction) but still its a good simulator, the best so far and it does what it promises you. So, by that i will finish saying that you have a good chance to get closer to the reality and to the life of a real truck driver by driving the right way, respecting the rules, respecting the road users around you and by trying to create from null something(calculating fuel costs, driver's expenses, truck services, damages and etc) that really exists in reality. Hopefully i covered your empty spaces. Btw2, if you want increased speeds go play dirt. Its very good but you will need a very good driving setup (fanatec is pretty much good i would say for that kind of driving). Kind greetings ReierV8 Troms Cargo AS
  10. ReierV8


    Mate, if we could have a server with AI traffic (adjusted from place to place and always depended on the real traffic each place has or even as a simple normal modded traffic) together with all of us, the players would be forced to follow the rules bcs the AI trucks or cars, doesnt understand from damage or bad language or massive nonstop reports out of blue (the most of the reports are coming from those fasters anyway). So, the fasters would be forced automatically to behave properly on the road either with other players, either with AI traffic vehicles, either with both together (players and AI vehicles. The congested areas wouldn't be anymore congested. Maybe with higher traffic but it would be IMPOSSIBLE for the fasters or the idlers to chill middle of the road, on the sides or even to increase speed bcs they would damage themselves constantly, even when a player would like to overpass an AI vehicle, would know that the AI vehicle would reduce the speed automatically or even would stop. So the accidents would be slowly eliminated or at least reduced by a big enough percentage. Additionally with the AI traffic we would have more realistic roads. What i mean, is that we would be able to see trucks and generally vehicles more often than we do now in a MULTIPLAYER mode supposedly, despite the server you would choose. Some players would choose a server with 50-100 players only bput with the AI traffic everything would be fine (as the AI vehicles follow always the road rules, limits...etc). So everyone would be "satisfied".
  11. You know you are funny. So you claim that many accidents are caused bcs the fast & the curious players cannot overpass? Then THEY SHOULD STAY BEHIND AND FOLLOW, as all the good players, drivers...osv. You are really funny. If you wanna crash trucks dude go play 18wos ptm or one of that game series. Thanks that you made my night better with that post.
  12. Actually 110km is not even a sci-fi scenario with 20/30/40/50t+. We didn't drive with 110 when we had tachodiscs and we could throw one and change it middle of the route or use pre-written but unnamed (for those reasons). It is not possible for truck to steer properly or to stop in short time and with a short braking length in case of an emergency brake or situation. The maximum i drove in my life with tachodiscs was 93-94 MAX and that downhill so i wont burn my breaks (ofc in that case, i mean that affter immediately follows uphill where you can regulate you speed in a natural way without to eat you retarder valves or your brakes. Its pity that nowadays the scanias dont have the old exhaust brake. That was really helpful... So why in the game as it is a clear (by name and functionality) truck simulation. Why the limit should be 110 or 120 or even 100??? Lets try to get it closer to the reality with more realistic rules or according to the eu official rules for the road transportation with vehicles over 3.5t.
  13. Jeezz,... I was using the lightshot, until the new version of it. Now every time i try to upload a pic it disappears. Nice to know extra options for the photo uploading (in any case and for any reason).
  14. Mate if you drive away of calais, duisburg, kirkenes...then yes it seems to be reduced. But if you dare to go there between the freaks, then I'm really sorry but i have to disappoint you deeply here as the accidents in those areas staying as they were. Actually it happened to talk to some guys who got banned (i sae their bs live), well even at that time they were complaining that it wasnt fair bcs its a game and bcs its a game the players have the right to ramme each other for fun. Well, i guess their parents never taught them good behavior or to explain them that if you are a d*ck on the road, you should expect a b*tch slap from nowhere. "What else should I be, All apologies, What else could I say, Everyone is gay, What else could I write, I don't have the right, What else should I be, All apologies". -Kurt Cobain. Kind greetings ReierV8 Troms Cargo AS
  15. That post gave me urinal infection. Bcs the speedometer writes 125km, you feel safe in 120? Right, the 8x4 is ONLY for special "overweight", "oversized" transportation. NOT for racing. It made with slow gearbox bcs it pull what all the rest are unable to pull. It must be slow. The slower is, the stronger gears has, the more powerful differential has, the best grip on the road and the better pulling of the trailer. It also provides stability. So, if you are dreaming about 8x4 and 120, well...wake up. Cover yourself, close the window its winter and pls remove your socks. Also the 8x4 strictly (from the law) NEVER reaches the 90km. Has strictly 80km with the limiter in 85. Its a puller, not a racer. Over 90km its useless. If you wanna overpass, wait to get to a downhill or just stay behind the other truck. The trucks are NOT allowed to overpass just for fun. They create troubles, problems, pain and headaches only....also mamy times death follows and here a report and a ban. Everyone MUST keep a certain a distance 70m to 100m. If there's less fun when the km limit is decreased then go play dirt, nfs, colin mcrae, forza...etc. At 120km with 40t or 50t truck, the brain receives nothing, no info, null, nada, zero. At 90km the point IS to drive safely. Please check the speed limits, the braking distance x km/h, check the laws, then do a small test, use telemetry and some nice tools to measure the distances, braking time and etc and then we talk again about safety and the rest.
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