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Picture of the Month - June 2023

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Welcome to Picture of the Month - The monthly competition where truckers post their best pictures in line with each month's theme. Winners will be decided by the Media Team at the end of each month.


- This month's theme will be, Heavy Haul.

- Your picture must be taken on TruckersMP. Snap a pic of your drive using a trailer from the Heavy Cargo/High Power Pack! Make it pretty!
- The competition closes on the 28th of June 2023 at 23:59 UTC.
- You can find the rules here: 

If you wish to gain some motivation for your own idea, you may have a look at our last month's winners in our topic below:

Tip: You can use the command hq_screenshot <filename> for high resolution screenshots.

Happy Trucking!

TruckersMP Media Team

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I mainly focus on Pictures and Videos in this Forum and Game

I can modify pictures by Photoshop and make videos by Pr & AE



🎞 Here are my social media links 🎞

<< YouTube | DiscordBilibili | X.COM >>

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