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New TruckersMP Trailers


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Hello there,


Great to see that additions created by @mdshahid6540 in the past have been implemented to TruckersMP. Thank you and Add-On Team for your idea and contribution. Existing possibilities are being used and partly related the achievement's system on the website by Job Tracker option. 

In addition, after quite a long wait, each player can have a paint job with the TruckersMP logo.


Every new stuff on TruckersMP is something that players usually like. It causes some increase in interest and maybe attract new players as it used to be in the past.
In large part, these are exclusive things for Patrons, but it is worth emphasizing that their support is priceless to maintain 2 developers, infrastructure, many other components and ensure continuous development.


ps. I believe that the creative staff will not stop there and there will also be something related to the achievement system for the celebration of TruckersMP 9️⃣.


Kind regards,


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Thanks for an illuminated TruckersMP logo!


With my two decades of experience in 3D modeling and surface design, I know that especially small features can turn out to be most challenging, but I can barely imagine how much hard work and valuable time went into this project.


One can only hope for many more beautiful and carefully drafted accessoires to come.

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