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1. The changes introduced today to the CD road and the new vehicle caused records of popularity on this road.



2. In recent time, I has been receiving Job Tracker related messages again when suspending and resuming a World of Trucks job.
Is anyone else getting any Job Tracker related info maybe during other orders/or with different content?


This seems strange considering that from April 2022 - February 2023, I don't remember them appearing.


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43 minutes ago, Euro_Trucker said:

I trust the new road layout on the C-D road is an April fool? It's worse than the old one for jams!

Unknown, the staff did not specify it.

It is worth emphasizing that an interesting solution/novelty is a large parking lot and a workshop (it would be good if its area had collisions disabled). In addition, safer access to one of the gas station closer to Calais and little further an additional gas station on the same side as the direction of travel. These were largely things suggested by players on the forum and should have a positive impact on traffic safety.
It is difficult to determine whether these changes will stay, possibly in some parts or with corrections. Given the implementation of some useful suggestions, it would be strange tomorrow to say that it was April Fools and toss all the work in rubbish. But of course, this possibility should be taken into account.

Looking at many players and game moderator live-streams, I came to the conclusion that the problem is one of the narrowing from two lanes to one.


We'll see what the future brings 🏗️

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55 minutes ago, blabberbeak said:

I'm curious to know if the changes made to and around the road between Duisburg and Calais were content of the April Fools Day.


They were it was clear that wasn't a permanent change give how ridiculous it was. The C-D road is now back to its proper layout

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The new C-D road was a test, I noticed that they added traffic lights on the C-D road at a Fuel station and then later on The traffic Lights were removed and the entrance to the fuel station was blocked off so you could not use it, i think they were using players to test the map edits, to try and fix the huge traffic jams at the fuel stations, once TMP work out what the best solutions are, i think that map edit (New C-D road) will be back for permanent in the near future

That Map edit was a lot of work just for an April fools joke

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12 hours ago, Avabagrum said:

Guys, so I understand the latest version of VR does not support? I am using steam account. asks to roll back the version.


When did TruckersMP support VR?

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