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What color truck do you usually drive?


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In the ETS2 game, you can freely mix and match truck colors.
Sometimes colorful, sometimes simple colors can be combined.

What color paint do you usually use? 🤩 🔴🟠🟡🟢

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I usually prefer dark colors. But occasionally I drive light colored trucks. 

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It actually depends on the style of truck I'm configuring:

  • Fancy shiny modern truck: probably a dark metallic colour (usually dark purple or dark blue) or sometimes full white (I find it nice as well)
  • Heavy transport, oversized truck: I'll combine fairly standard colours (neither very dark or metallic) with high visibility stripes or parts (neon yellow, orange, green or white)
  • Cheap small, more realistic truck: I'll go for white (but with much more plastic parts rather than painted ones) or red/blue/green but the most standard ones you can get (not fancy colours).
  • Old fashion trucks: I'll go for cream/brown/beige + white accents (especially the wheels)
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Drive a bordeaux Iveco with cream and light orange stripes

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I'm usually drive red and blue color trucks.

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