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ProMods Great Steppe


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5 hours ago, P h o e n i x said:

I hope it gets added to both the promods server and non promods server the way promods works on ATS, because it doesn't require promods to use it and its so far off the normal map I can't foresee any problems with doing it that way

Looking at the Community Manager's answer in the suggestion and the post below that ProMods posted a few hours ago on their blog this will be an optional addition on the ProMods server.


Is it compatible with TruckersMP?

Yes! Well, not yet at the time of this blog post’s release. But the TruckersMP team is working on enabling The Great Steppe as an optional mod on the ProMods TruckersMP servers as soon as possible! Keep an eye on TruckersMP’s social media for when its compatibility is announced.



Yeah, The Great Steppe Addon(TGS) on the Simulation server would be an interesting topic. Perhaps on the occasion of the first TGS support, the staff will mention this issue in a few sentences.

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