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  1. I'm one of the few people who use Mouse + Keyboard, for over 3 years now
  2. C-D Road doesn't test skills, it only tests patience and your PC capabilities That said, I find roads in Italy to be quite challenging, especially if you're hauling heavy cargo.
  3. That's something I've come to notice. A lot of people either just play single player with mods or once in a while, SCS Convoy with friends. We've recently recruited someone in our VTC who has over 1000 hours on ETS2, but only just heard about TMP. Don't get me wrong, most people do know about TMP, but not everyone with ETS2 know about it.
  4. As of now, The Great Steppe is supported on TMP!
  5. Caastle

    Ghost Roads

    I think a reason for this is the complexity it brings. You've seen how some routes are, like the famous C-D Road, it's already chaotic as it is, now imagine adding AI traffic. The lag that AI traffic will also introduce is enormous, especially for low-end PC players. But hopefully TMP finds a way to address this.
  6. Depends lol Sometimes I spend 5 hours a day, almost 40 hours a week. And then some weeks, I just don't play at all.
  7. Caastle

    Children at play

    From what I've seen on the road, 1 in every 4 drivers should be under 18.
  8. Personally, I feel like scout cars add a bit of comic relief in the game (despite their chaotic nature). It's just funny seeing scout shenanigans On the other hand, they're quite useful during convoys, and as previously mentioned, they add a bit of realistic traffic in-game.
  9. have a good weekend

  10. Hi, I use mouse and keyboard control and sequential gears. Whenever I take a job or copy a job from the TMP dispatcher, my truck doesn't move when I want to take the job. I have to go to the game menu and select the Simple automatic transmission type, then I have to reverse first because going forward doesn't work. Once I've reversed, I have to go forward again then I can change the transmission back to sequential and it works. What could be the issue?
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