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I honestly don't get the hype about the Winter mod. I usually try it, but can't hold it for more than 3-4 games, because it becomes boring pretty soon, to have everything covered in snow as if I were driving in the North Pole or Greenland when in fact I'm driving on some Iberia DLC road that only sees snow a couple days every year... If any. It would be awesome if snow were more common when you drive North, less when you drive South, or when you are driving through some mountain range... But all the same, everywhere... Boring. And 100% unreal. It should be called Snow mod instead of Winter mod, IMO.


And the other possible reason, the physics, makes it even worse. With so many people who can't keep their vehicles straight in perfect conditions, having slippery physics added to TMP is the worst idea ever. Unless it's limited to the Arcade server.

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