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When will the momentary freezing of players be fixed when the brake is pressed?

Black Alcoa

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First of all, greetings dear forum commenters...

Today, I wanted to create a small discussion topic and get your ideas and opinions.

Although there has been an increase in the last year, even if there are more or less players on the C - D road, accidents occur during braking and stopping moments, as the player in front of us suddenly freezes even if we keep the distance.Despite trying not to get close to the player, incredible crashes on the braking sides have started to happen more and more in recent months. There is no trace of fluent image.

What do you think is the reason for these sudden pauses and freezes during braking moments? What solutions can be produced?
If there is an incident that happened to you, tell me and add your suggestions. I look forward to all future comments.

I wish everyone good games.. 💜

Kind Regards
Black Alcoa
TruckersMP Veteran Driver & R440 Club Leader



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1 hour ago, blabberbeak said:

Yaşadığınız sorunu biraz daha detaylı anlatabilir misiniz? Belki sağlayabileceğiniz bir video diziniz vardır?


Yazınızdan anladığım kadarıyla öndeki oyuncular bir anda donuyor. Senkronizasyon olabilir mi? Veya bilgisayarın performansının aşırı yüklenmesi?

It's nothing to do with me. My system already runs the game stable on the highest graphics. It doesn't matter whether I raise it or lower it. Most people in the game are also aware of this. While walking around as a team, we complain about it together with all my friends. It's a purely TMP oriented issue.

This problem, which has been going on for the last 1 year, has increased considerably since the summer months. It increases even more when the server is busy, but generally throws the front player back as an image during braking moments. This freezing inevitably leads to accidents.

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Hello there,


From what I understood from what you have explained you mean the little lags once the player in front of you brakes for a moment. As far as I know, this is mostly caused by the amount of ping the player in question have, due to their internet being weak. Another reason would be their PC being low-end so their PC wouldn't be able to handle "crowded" areas so there can be some latency. Well, since the areas such as Calais-Duisburg road, Calais and Duisburg city are very populated, it is unavoidable to experience such issues from time to time, even if it might be happening due to some server-side issues (in my honest opinion). My personal advice about this would be to preventing possible collisions in such situations by leaving enough distance between yourself and the player in front of you so that you wouldn't experience collisions and/or the dangers.

🇺🇸 Kind regards / 🇹🇷 Saygılar,


TruckersMP | Game Moderator

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7 hours ago, blabberbeak said:

Sisteminizden bahsetmiyorum, ara sıra donan oyuncuların sisteminden bahsediyorum.

Sorun bir oyuncunun sisteminden değil de yoğun zamanlarda sunucudan kaynaklanıyorsa, tüm oyuncular aynı şekilde etkilenmez mi?


Sadece sesli düşünüyorum.

I don't think this has anything to do with my computer system. I've been playing this game for years and especially after the release of version 1.40 this kind of problem arose. I've been playing this game on much, much worse systems before and this problem was not there. Oddly enough, those who play with the apu system or those who play the 3060 system have the same problem. 😅

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2 hours ago, DarkScream[TR] said:

Merhaba oradaki,


Anlattıklarınızdan anladığım kadarıyla önünüzdeki oyuncu bir an fren yapınca ufak bir gecikme kastediyorsunuz. Bildiğim kadarıyla bu, çoğunlukla söz konusu oyuncunun internetinin zayıf olması nedeniyle sahip olduğu ping miktarından kaynaklanıyor. Diğer bir neden de, bilgisayarlarının düşük kaliteli olması ve bu nedenle bilgisayarlarının "kalabalık" alanlarla başa çıkamaması ve dolayısıyla biraz gecikme olabilir. Eh, Calais-Duisburg yolu, Calais ve Duisburg şehri gibi bölgeler çok kalabalık olduğu için, bazı sunucu taraflı sorunlardan kaynaklanıyor olsa bile (dürüst görüşüme göre) bu tür sorunları zaman zaman yaşamak kaçınılmazdır. ). Bu konudaki kişisel tavsiyem, bu gibi durumlarda önünüzdeki oyuncu ile aranızda yeterince mesafe bırakarak olası çarpışmaları önlemeniz olacaktır.

Thank you for your suggestions. I would like to make a comment. My system and ping level is really good. I've been getting the same framerate and ping values for the last 3 years. That's why a system problem seems impossible.
If I talk about the player in front of me, his ping values are better than me and his system has the latest model products. Velakin, everyone who comes in front of me in the game has this problem. When you investigate this problem in some detail on the servers, there will be many victims like me.

Believe me, I have even kept a distance of 7-8 trucks, but of course we have to approach after a certain time. I've been paying particular attention to ATS lately, as it's far from a smooth ride. I don't have a problem in both sp and mp modes. Again, there is no problem in the same stable situations with the same graphics. I think there is no stability in TMP server for ETS. All opinions will revive this thread.

Thanks again. 💖

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Hello, thank you for mentioning this interesting and need-to-solve issue.

I think the situation should be related to TruckersMP server optimization rather than system features, which we can see on every server. I am also facing this issue on Red Dead Online servers.

How is this resolved? Hmm... I think in the most probable way we know. By acting in realistic attitude. The distance between each vehicle should be at least 50 meters, according to the distance unit we see in the tab menu, so that we can maintain a safe following distance and prevent accidents. This can be very annoying, because we have to tire the gas-brake combination all the time because of someone who is constantly freezing in front of us, but I can't think of any other precautionary measures. Also, I am a person who thinks that the speed limit should be limited as 92, naturally I think that if we drive on the road at maximum speeds like 92, the brake-gas range for such accidents will decrease even more.

Kind regards,


“Be careful who you trust, Sergeant. People you know can hurt you the most.”

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I'm not driving often on C-D. But when I do I don't observe this behaviour. The "freeze" you describe are either someone crashing into someone else or a person lagging. But I have never seen this freeze when someone just brakes. Or maybe you are getting confused with some players who have 0 cargo (no load) and the brakes settings to maximum strength?! In that configuration you can stop seriously quick!

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