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Favorite music to listen to while driving?


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Well we all know that there is quite enough radio stations that ETS2 has to offer alone, ranging from stations only focused on gaming or truckersmp alone, to stations that are streaming news and everything out there. But there are couple downsides to them, you can't skip the songs, neither can you skip the damn ads right? That's why it's sometimes better to just get your own playlist which you can listen to however you want, and manage it anyway you like right?

But just to add, some good radio stations to mention are TruckersFM, Simulator radio. So check them out!

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Hey there trucker!


This was quite a good question to ask.

Usually when i am in-game i spend my time by listening alot to either TruckersFM or a playlist with alot of remixes on Youtube.

I used to use Spotify but ended up switching because they does not support the same amount of songs..

Kind Regards,


CEO | S.M.J Transport



My supported languages:

English, Danish, Norwegian


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Hey! Honestly, it really depends on my mood. If I want to relax, it's typically just some Eminem. But, if I want to do some speeding, it's definitely some American rap. It just sets the mood honestly. ?

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Using the radio feels realistic. ?




                                                                                                - Youtube | Steam TruckersMP -

                                                                                                       Discord = Shadel#7386 

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İ always listen english musics because i like it^^

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                                                                                                                                                                        Your Life Your Rules
                                                                                                                                                                                                            By Leo.

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I have always spotify on - but it really vary what Im listening to. Sometimes I just find a random playlist to listen to, and other times I have my fav playlist on - depens on my mood or the purpose of the drive. If I take a drive on my own to relax I have my fav playlist on, if Im driving with others or joining convoys or whatever, it really doesnt matter that much what Im listenting to, but I still need to have music. 

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