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Why do people like to shuttle back and forth on the C-D road?


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People just love being together on the same spot. You see this in many games. Some easy examples are GTA or minecraft. Besides all the weird video content, like idiots on the road, people get pulled to the CD area. People somehow want to interact with other players, instead of driving in areas with literally nobody.


Only downside to CD is that the type of interaction varies a lot. You got people that just like the heavy traffic or want to just troll around. Anyway, the main conclusion is always the same.

People love to be with other, with or without chaos.

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I don't know the exact reason but usually this way has been popular since ancient times and is still used

and as people gather every new player is gathered here

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I drive the Calais-Duisburg route quite often and I drive well (the proof is that I haven't had a ban in 4 years). I like to drive this route because you meet a good part of the TMP community. Also because we laugh a lot when we see some people doing anything.


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Isn't it clear? Idiots on the road content. Not many care about jobs from a to b.


Why this?

  1. It circulates Youtube content.
  2. Staff are kept busy by this one sector. I can't recall when i saw an admin just driving as a normal player. Or just popping in via dev cam to say hi that didn't have to resolve someone's misjudgment.

And there's way more out there that can have it's own topic dedicated to it.

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在 8/11/2022 在 10:15 上午,GuYing_TMP 说:









Because there's a lot of players on that route, and it's very interesting

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