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34 minutes ago, blabberbeak said:

Time is connected to distance. While it is possible to tweak the time so that for example 15 in-game time units equal 15 real-time units, the in-game distance would be only a fragment of its original length.

To counter it, the map needed to be changed to a scale of 1:1.

Not on TMP servers, distance is irrelevant, time scale on TMP servers (1:6) is already disproportional to map scale (mostly 1:19 in ETS2, 1:20 in ATS). 

500km trip will take same amount of real time no matter what time scale is, it will be 15-20 minutes of real time. The difference would be that currently it will take 1,5 - 2 hours of game time, whereas with 1:1 time scale it would match the real time of 15-20 minutes. Also with fatigue simulation enabled you would be able to keep going for like 16000-20000km before needing to rest, compared to current 2700-3000 km.

I don't think it would add to the realism, it would be much worse than it is, actually speeding up time scale would be better, those urgent deliveries would be actually urgent.


If the time scale was changed to match real time, then it would make long daylight but also long night time cycle. You would also have to set time for  every server depending on location, even then, most players probably come at evening, so most of them would never see much of the daylight.

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Firstly you have to follow the server time because otherwise some people would drive by night while other would drive on day-time which isn't what you want on multiplayer.


Also, if you make it real-time (correct me if I'm wrong or misunderstood), if the server time is 3PM UK or France time (I think the EU server is in UK or FR), people in EU will pretty much have a proper real-time experience. But if you're connecting from Indonesia for example (GMT+7) it will be 10PM there. Which means night. So, not matching. And if you play always at the same times (i.e. between 6PM and 9PM local time for example) you will never drive by day or night depending on where you are located. Which is not nice imo.

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18 minutes ago, ZAVGAR [UA] said:

The map is useless here. It's just realistic that if it's 7:00 a.m., then it's 7:00 a.m. in the game on the server. If it is 19.00 in the evening, then
  in the game at 19.00.

Think of like changing time scale in games like GTA, Skyrim or any open world game to real time. Then you could run across the map withing a hour. That would make the map feel really small.

You would probably get tired of driving towards the sun for hours or in eternal darkness, with no change in scenery.

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Although I don't fully understand your question, I have two types of thoughts in my head. I would like to pass these on to you.

  • Real-time driving is not possible due to the full map scaling. In order to adapt the map scaling in the game to reality, it needs to be rearranged and added.


  • In terms of hours, a 500 km road finishes in 15-20 minutes at an average speed. If we think about it in real scaling, it gets pretty tiring. And you can even make it tragic by thinking that people with crowded areas in the game will stay there for hours.

    I hope I was able to give a satisfactory answer to your question. Good day, good games. 
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