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ETS2 Hybrid?

- Pink Ribbon -

Would you like to see ATS Trucks in ETS2?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see ATS Trucks in ETS2?

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ETS2 trucks would have no problems in ATS roads, but the other way around could be a mess in TruckersMP. ATS trucks are way larger than European ones and if some people struggle with a 6x4 Scania/Iveco/Renault/etc. now to enter/exit some company yards or take some turns and even worse, when reversing to deliver a trailer, I can only imagine how bad it would be with those huge American trucks. Besides, it wouldn't be realistic at all. How many American trucks do you usually see in European roads? I don't even know if they are allowed, due to the dimensions, weights or even the emissions.

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I dont like this idea.

The trucks aren't without a reason only in there games.

It would be a chaos with ATS trucks in ETS.


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5 hours ago, - Pink Ribbon - said:

I know ATS isn't as populated as ETS2 but would you like to see a hybrid version or a crossover of seeing ETS2 Trucks in ATS or even ATS Trucks roaming the roads of Europe?


Ofcourse if this did happen you would need to own ATS to be able to use the ATS vehicles but wouldn't it be a cool idea?


What are your thoughts?

hello: @- Pink Ribbon -

I think your idea is very creative and it will be interesting?

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:tmp: Hello!

- ı totally agree it would be great to see a sense of realism and different types of trucks. 




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On 5/28/2022 at 4:38 PM, - Pink Ribbon - said:

我同意声音传输系统(Acoustic Transmission System)人口不像ETS2但是你希望看到混合动力版本还是混合动力版本ETS2卡车进来了声音传输系统(Acoustic Transmission System)以至声音传输系统(Acoustic Transmission System)在欧洲道路上游荡的卡车?


当然,如果这真的发生了,你需要承认声音传输系统(Acoustic Transmission System)为了能够使用声音传输系统(Acoustic Transmission System)但是这难道不是一个很酷的想法吗?



Hello, I'm glad I can participate in your topic. If ETS2 is mixed with ATS, it may be a spectacular picture. In fact, you can experience it online and offline by subscribing to related mods in Steam Creative Workshop. You can try subscribing to the Creative Workshop.

I look forward to your support and subscription, thank you!


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Guest Aras.

It would be great if they combine ATS and ETS2 game and have a game where we can travel the whole world

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I really like american trucks nice to drive on european roads.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          1574800594_R440Manager.png.92d0783160ca36c5f8243ec93f0ee123.png 1210712418_VETARAN1.webp.5e6511080dd4751d2303d7c28dbdfc38.webp 

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If you have any questions, feel free to DM me. 


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