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  1. Run the game in DirectX 11 mode by going to your steam, click Play now on ETS2 and choose DirectX 11. Close that, then load up Truckersmp and it should load up in DirectX 11 mode and you should be able to change your player tag colour without it crashing your game.
  2. Thanks for your reply Raymond, I will test this out when I get unbanned in 8 days time.
  3. Hiya Kien Giang, I followed your advice step by step and unfortunately I didnt help with my issue. But thank you for trying. As for Linciano, Ive done that and yes I can now change the player colour, many thanks! But the game crashing when exiting the game still persists :(
  4. Thanks for the reply, I've done all that and checked out another guide where to check what DIRECT X version I have installed and .net Frame work and I have all the latest versions. Everything is up to date and im getting baffled on whats going wrong :/
  5. Its getting very frustrating now, whenever I try to change my player tag colour and click on the coloured box the game crashes. Whenever I exit the game via the exit button or Alt + F4 the game crashes and comes up with FATAL GAME CRASH - Send a report to the developers? option box. Ive uninstalled the launcher, re-installed, deleted all the necessary files what gets installed including the registry entries and still the same issue. When I load up the standard game via Steam with Single player, it runs fine and exits fine. WHAT CAN I DO? Thanks Video proof:
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