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  1. If I'm moving and want to say hello to them without typing in chat I do 2 quick flashes. If someone let's me out of a junction I flash 3 times to indicate me saying thanks. If I'm at a Give way sign or somebody wants to merge or rejoin the road then I flash a few times to indicate for them to go.
  2. It was a surprise indeed and lovely at the same time. I've always loved the look of the Pink Ribbon Charity DLC and always encourage people to use it to keep the awareness going
  3. Driving around the Calais to Druisburg route as you do and casually saw someone using my 3 trailer Pink Ribbon setup lol I thought I was being unique with 3 trailers with it, but I guess not Maybe I've inspired some people to use it maybe?
  4. Anybody know whats the average time for a report takes to be seen? My first 3 a few days back was seen within an hour of me submitting them but now I have 10 pending from nearly 2 days ago of waiting?

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Hey @- Pink Ribbon -,

      There is no average time the reports are being dealt with. That mostly depends on the amount of the reports, so as more reports we get on the website, obviously, much longer the reporters have to wait but do not worry, your report will not be forgotten or something similar. It will be checked as soon as it is possible.

      Thanks for understanding and have a nice day ^_^


    2. - Pink Ribbon -

      - Pink Ribbon -

      Hey BL4CK$K1LL,


      Thanks for the response, yeah thats reasonable hopefully they get checked soon as ive still got a few more to report but not enough reports left to be able to do so until they get looked at lol Theres been a lot of naughty drivers out there and we got to protect the community :)


      Hope you have a good day aswell!

  5. I openly admit I use the petrol stations incorrectly sometimes. Driving 3 trailers I dont want to cause blockages on the roads and if I see the petrol station is empty then I honestly do enter the exit and go to the closest one so somebody can go to the far right one safely and I cause no accidents or blockages. I only do this becuase having to come to a stop and do a full turn into the enterance if i'm coming from the exit side can take time and I dont want to cause holdups. I know what the correct way is, but im just trying to prevent incidents or angry players as I dont want to ruin their gaming experience just like I dont want mine to be ruined.
  6. So many reckless drivers out tonight around Calais and Druisburg. Be careful out there all, got 5 pending reports waiting to be seen lol

    1. chipmunk197


      i dont know why people overtake on that road they know its probably going to end up in a crash but still go for it because they speed around all over 

    2. - Pink Ribbon -

      - Pink Ribbon -

      Yep, I don't overtake at all as I'm driving 3 trailers so try and take extra care. Most of them most likely don't even have cargo in their trailers so I don't see what the rush is for lol

  7. Suggestion Name: Vanish/Ghost Mode for Game staff Suggestion Description: A command for Game staff to vanish/ghost mode when they free am in the middle of the road. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: I don't fully know the rules or guidelines staff have when using their tools etc but I've seen some cases where they've stopped in the middle of the road or even stopped suddenly to follow someone or do a command and other users have unfortunately crashed into them causing accidents. Last night a game staff was in the middle of the road around a bend which had a green hedge so it was a blind corner so I quickly tried to avoid to overtake but still scraped into them. Then the anxiety kicks in if the player trying to avoid the game staff gets kicked or banned. So if the staff had a vanish command where they can be invincible to others and hidden so other players can't crash into them. This command would be used if they can't pull over safely to the side as I mentioned in the beginning I don't know their guidelines if they have to pull over to execute commands or if they can just stop randomly to do them.
  8. Thanks, I noticed the difference when I started driving from Calais
  9. Just a quick question, Ive put the 3 files into the ETS2MP folder "mod" and ran the game. Are they meant to appear in the Mod manager or not or do they instantly activate?
  10. That's cool, will have to install it soon then. Will there ever be automatic season changes on the servers where they are server side and patched to our versions?
  11. DLC designs to be available for all trucks and shapes of cabin. I can't use the most expensive trucks because the Pink ribbon charity designs aren't compatible with them.
  12. If noticed that when you used your brake in 1.36 your truck would make a Tshh noise, yet it doesn't in 1.37. It also used to happen if you tapped accelerate quickly but doesn't in 1.37 which is disappointing.
  13. Got it, thank you for the pointer. That's very handy to know Case dealt with and rather swiftly, kudos staff
  14. Thanks for a quick review of one of my reports. Muchly appreciated :)

  15. Hey there, im new to recording things as Ive been in a couple incidents where I got banned as I couldn't support my case with video evidence. So I'm learning how to record etc But heres the question, how do you find this user? It looks like its .,.,.,., or something like that. And Ive only just discovered the /pinfo command after the incident. Plus I don't want to be accused of blocking the road by doing /pinfo etc and trying to find out. Is that a normal username, or a modded changed name or what? Is this user able to be found? Footage here: Thanks all
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