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What do you think of version 1.44? Are you satisfied with ACC and AEB?


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Looks awesome so far. And I have not tried the ACC and AEB yet, just waiting for the support from TMP. Well, what I've been looking forward to the most and that I still do not lose hope is that in a future update the fog lights will be functional and can be turned on, and another wish is the release of MAN TGX 2020.



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If you are reffering to emergency brake and adaptive cruise control, these are not implemented in the game properly and remains a hidden buggy features.

Until these are properly introduced I wouldn't recommend using them, there are no configurable controls for these functions as well and the only way to use them is through console commands or config modification.

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Ansprechen tut mich das ACC noch nicht so ganz. Immer wieder kommt es zu Fehlbremsungen, ohne das manchmal ein Fahrzeug in der Nähe ist. Schade das man jedesmal aufs neue den
Tempomaten selbst aktivieren muss. Ich denke aber in naher Zukunft, wird dies Potenzial haben, einen Bremsassistenten im Spiel zu haben

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On 5/13/2022 at 8:50 AM, Nxbody17 said:

到目前为止看起来很棒。我还没有尝试过ACC和AEB,只是等待TMP的支持。好吧,我一直最期待的,我仍然不会失去希望的是,在未来的更新中,雾灯将正常运行并且可以打开,另一个愿望是MAN TGX 2020的发布。

It's really a good idea. The fog lights should be on?

On 5/13/2022 at 9:18 AM, //Ainariel said:


There should be prompt and alarm in advance, which is normal

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There are a lot of bugs, I do not use those features for now, but I will definitely use them when they are developed in the future.

There is no article about ACC and AEB on SCS Software's site anyway, so it's still under development.

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This could be a nice feature, because it brings the game closer to reality, we're looking forward to it,


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1.44's favorite is the Alps rework, you can invite three or five friends to chat and chat in traffic jams, chatting and laughing along the way will not be so boring, of course you can't be distracted,
I haven't experienced the ACC and AEB you mentioned more, I still prefer to control the accelerator and brake under my own feet.
After all: there are thousands of roads, safety is the first




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With version 1.44, the game really got better. Air suspension is really great. I think it needs to be developed more for ACC and AEB. As a result, it is for now possible to activate it only from the console. I think it's too early for this system. I traveled for hours on the road to the Alps. I am happy to be able to drive on these beautiful roads. :HaulieLove:




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We apply these procedures, in order to keep the forum organized and structured. 


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