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What do you expect from TMP, what kind of improvements would you like to be seen?

~ Xris Aurora ~

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..and now,


to hear all your personal expectations from TMP.


Imagine that TMP needs some or many improvements, it's never been a perfect network and we all know that.


Writing feedbacks and stuff, giving out suggestions.


Sometimes they hear us, sometimes they go by their ways of doing things.


..and now seriously


What do you think that shall be done about the present and the future of TMP, as a virtual trucking community?


I'm really curious about it.





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  • ~ Xris Aurora ~ changed the title to What do you expect from TMP, what kind of improvements would you like to be seen?
10 minutes ago, LIGHT0FGOD said:

Yeah, i agree with @AkiraKurosawa. I want to see more people. I think TruckersMP should give some advertisements in a few famous social media sites. 



Somehow I believe that all we dream of those servers getting back to full capacity.


Now, for example, I don't feel like trucking seriously anymore.


..and I can tell you why..


Those endless roads, majority of them empty.


Now what's left on the map? Just C-D and the Calais - Lille - Brussels - Liege highway.


But I've got no clue how that situation can be fixed, with SCS and their updates.


Guess TMP gotta think of solutions, improve what they have to, new features, better management.


..from my Xris Nobody's point of view, TMP's not going into the right direction right now.


But I won't get deep into details about it, to prevent any misunderstandings.


We all might criticize and everything, but in the end of the day Upper Staff takes all fundamental decisions about the future of the project.


4 years later I'm still here as you see, I've seen a lot of stuff. Ups and downs, hot and cold periods.


I can only wish for some major changes, only time will show. 



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You're right, TMP is empty. Sadly I must add.

I remember times when sim 1 was always full to the limit and 2000 people on sim2. You could meet someone almost everywhere on the map. And now it's empty. Sure, you can still see someone here and there, but it's not the same feeling.

However, I got used to it, and now it's just how it is.

But the real topic here is improvements, and sadly I can't think of big improvements. We all want mod support, however that's impossible. I can't ever see that happening.

So basically I don't know how we will get back the player base.


One thing do I really wished TMP improved upon is communication from the top to the bottom. I don't see much communication from leaders, project coordinators etc. It's not critique against them, it's just I wished there were more communication. Something "so easy" as telling us what the devs are working on could probably boost engagement. I think it's about transparency.

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what can we say. 

now TMP has SCS to compete, before there was only TMP and if you want to play MP it was TMP.

Now you have SCS and it's still in its early stages and it's pretty cool If SCS decides to enter the MP with large servers, it will be much worse for TMP

But the most serious thing is the base of TMP is SCS they create the maps. 

If one day SCS arrives at TMP and says they can't use their map, then it's much worse. 

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Good evening everyone;

TruckersMP has survived to this day by growing multiplayer and adding all kinds of new content since 2014.

We owe this to the great legend mvl4. 🙏

Coming to the main issue, what do we expect in TruckersMP?, What new features are we waiting for.

In my personal opinion, it is a big dream to be able to play with modded vehicles and tractors in multiplayer.Or why not be able to play the mods we activate in the game in multiplayer on a modded server?

This is my opinion. I wish everyone a good forum.


Kind regards


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I think expecting more from TruckersMP is not the best choice.


As I mentioned in another topic, we should rather appreciate what we have.


All of this may be a matter of course for one or the other, but we should appreciate what TruckersMP does for us. We can reach the team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they will always help us. Regardless of whether it is for the fact that you have the website in your language or that you can drive safely on the streets.


Do not demand but appreciate their work and give something back, for example with donations.


My opinion, don't want a fight!


Stay healthy!


Kind regards



Just because others break the rules, do you too? Be smarter! Good ride 🙂


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TruckersMP has always been a great platform to be on when playing ETS2, and I have never just played singleplayer. I enjoy the company of others around me, whether it be my friends, or saying hi to other players who pass on the opposite side of me. Although, I wouldn't play as often as I play now. Once I started seeing development get more active, adding new features like Job Dispatcher (one of the best things to exist), I definitely started playing more again.


I don't think TruckersMP can do anything about the activity, but it is generally fine. I think the balance of players is good, because some players might not want to be in populated areas and a lot of the map is free of congestion. Or, if you want to be next to a lot of players, do a job through Calais to Duisburg! I do think that there should be more moderators online in-game. Personally, I always use the online report system, but some players might not be familiar with the systems in place, or would prefer to use the in-game report system.


And about Job Dispatcher, I would really enjoy owned trailer support! I like the aesthetic of my truck & trailer, and I don't want to use regular boring trailers. 

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Hello there,


Since your topic has been inactive for over fourteen (14) days, I will lock and move it to our Archive section. 
We apply these procedures, in order to keep the forum organized and structured. 


If you have any questions, feel free to DM me. 


//Locked & Moved to Archive

Kindest regards,
Stay safe!
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