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The evolution of the Renault truck.


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Hey @.Pedro.,


Yes I Know But I Didn't Try It Because I Didn't Have The Time To Try It, But I Will Experience It As Soon As Possible! Btw Thanks For Nice Topic.😝

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8 hours ago, Simulator Experiencer said:

yes i already knew about this  they don't look good , most paint job dlc are not worth paying a cent for  as mp dosen't show to other people what paint job u got unless  u pay for it 

That paint was added to the game because it was the winning one in the Renault Trucks Evolution Design Contest (more information here: https://blog.scssoft.com/2021/07/renault-trucks-evolution-design-contest.html), so everyone can use it and/or see it in any trucks that are using it.


ON TOPIC: I've known about the Renault T since the day it was released, about the "Evolution" additions since the day they were released and about this new paint a couple of days ago, when it was added into the game. Advantages of following the #scs-updates channel in TruckersMP's Discord 😉


But TBH, I don't really like it, I'd rather use a "base-game" paint in my trucks, quite "plain" in regards to design and colours, since that's what I see most of the time in real life trucks and I like to keep mine (in the game, of course) as real as possible. I can understand these kind of paint jobs in truck shows and such, but IMO, they don't make a lot of sense in working European trucks. Imagine you scratch your vehicle after spending several thousands of euros/dollars painting it...

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Guest Husky_06

paint job is nice I have seen other divers with reno but scs needs to release tuning  dlc for reno so it will be much better with paintjobs 

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Renault in-general need a bit more love imo (as do Iveco and MAN). The fact we don't have the C range lorries (I love mid-size lorries like that), and that customisation choices are very limited by a lack of DLC (the Magnum and Premium are barely customisable) is a big part of why we see so few in-game.

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