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Found 128 results

  1. JohnnyMnemonic

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 [ReShade 4.0.2]

    Hello! Maybe someone needs to improve the graphics. Works in multiplayer. About this mod was written here on the forum. I decided to post it here. Installation is simple. Unpack the entire archive at: SteamLibrary \ steamapps \ common \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ bin \ win_x64 in game on "insert" Settings in the game: Scale - 200% or more Antialiasing (MLAA) - off High Dynamic Range (HDR) - Off Depth of Field (DOF) - Off Color Correction - Off Download from Google Drive If you do not like the daytime lighting, replace it with this file and HDR-on. Who does not turn on automatically, Click "insert" and select the ini file that is shown in the screenshot. Screenshots: Video: If you have any questions, please write Thank you for your time. Good luck.
  2. What is the best truck brand? . Which brand of truck do you like? Which truck do you choose in multiplayer? Why you support this? What factors have to support this? Please leave a comment ...
  3. Dac Ka HD

    Cibi truckersmp

    Bonjour tout le monde J'ai un Soucis Avec ma Cibi J'ai beau allumer / éteindre et changer de périphérique Dans le tabs / Windows pas de son Qui sort de la boite noire Mais se si dit les autres m'entends Help me merci Cordialement
  4. Tankudoraiba

    The most capacious truck

    Which of the trucks will pass the farthest on one tank?
  5. MirEso


    The true title was meant to be 'Why SCS and TruckersMP should have been banned from making games'. Let's get straight into it. Server issues no one actually care about. The difference between position shown on player's screen vs server's reality is many times TOO BIG (even tho both players have decent connection) Kicking or how to bully your own community. This is the reason why everyone in team of TMP should be fired. Who came up with the idea to force players to turn on their lights in strict hours although the sun's up. It look silly! Imagine that you play with wireless keyboard and mouse, you log in, realize that your keyboard ran out of juice the second you hit the road and boom, kicked! This is just stupid bullying over rules you * made up! Get your minds straight. I understand it's really important for players not to drive as ghosts but this is stupid. Limits or everyone likes cars but SCS and TMP don't care about it. Let me show you the bitter truth! You had EU1 with realism. You made EU2 with cars and unlimited speed. You realized people like it more then your * 'realism' You added speed limit to EU2 because you *can't stand that people like something else then trucking 90km/h You give us arguments that there are less accidents, of course because all the normal players QUIT WHY haven't you made EUx server just to see if people would rather drive with speed limits? BECAUSE YOU KNEW THE ANSWER If you are so sure about the accidents rate, show us charts! Come on, do it. Show me the accident rate BEFORE and AFTER speed limitation. You have none? Oh my bad, wait NO. You made your heads on something based on your subjective feelings and force it upon your community as facts and reasons you make your decisions. That's what I call hypocrisy! If your report system worked, you would have all the data I'm asking you to show, but it doesn't work so you are left behind with 2 things: Unlimited power over your own product Wrath and anger over people who enjoy driving cars (200km/h on highways, overtaking, and all the other entertaining thigs) I usually drive on CD road 200kmh with overtaking and no accidents. I can even add a video for you to prove it. It's not about speed, it's about community. Your childish attitude mirrors in your players. You force your community to play by your rules just like a little kid that wants all his little friends to play with trucks, even tho they want to play with cars. You are a shame. SCS I'd explain myself very briefly. I added a whole A4 page to their forum about what should be changed, what should be added. I'm not going to post the link here unless someone asks for it, but the answer to my ideas and suggestions (which would have been a real enrichment for both community and wallet of SCS) was unexpected and came from one of their testers: 'The game is fine as it is, I don't think anything should be added' Tell me what kind of company doesn't give a * about it's customers and only thing in it's eyes is profit and milking the same old game over and over again by creating paid DLC maps which aren't that hard to make. I doubt they pay more then 7k for one DLC to make and milk their fans in one of the worst ways. I am very angry with you, you ruined my all time favorite game just because YOU want to play it by your own way. Shame on you
  6. Godishere

    How did he do that?

    HI, Im pretty curious to know how did he manage to fit those lights on the roof without a bar?, also carefully look at some other modifications such as lightning at the bottom. Please tell me
  7. Hello everybody. After my break from forum i'm back with my (updated) truck dealers list. Like last time, if you see any mistake or the lack of a city, write about it down below DAF Big truck dealers Amsterdam (NL) Catania (I) DLC ITALIA Glasgow (UK) Bordeaux (F) DLC VIVE LA FRANCE! Small truck dealers Bergen (N) DLC SCANDINAVIA Bremen (D) Cardiff (UK) Leipzig (D) Salzburg (A) Zürich (CH) IVECO Big truck dealers Frankfurt am Main (D) Kobenhavn (DK) DLC SCANDINAVIA Le Mans (F) DLC VIVE LA FRANCE! Roma (I) DLC ITALIA Wien (A) Small truck dealers Brussel (BE) Grimsby (UK) Hamburg (D) Torino (I) MAN Big truck dealers Berlin (D) Marseille (F) DLC VIVE LA FRANCE! München (D) Small truck dealers Bern (CH) Birmingham (UK) Calais (F) Dortmund (D) Edinburgh (UK) Kraków (PL) DLC GOING EAST! Linkoping (S) DLC SCANDINAVIA Taranto (I) DLC ITALIA MERCEDES-BENZ Big truck dealers Geneve (CH) Stuttgart (D) Warszawa (PL) DLC GOING EAST! Small truck dealers Bologna (I) DLC ITALIA Bratislava (SK) Kalmar (S) DLC SCANDINAVIA Nantes (F) DLC VIVE LA FRANCE! Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) Plymouth (UK) Rotterdam (NL) Szczecin (PL) RENAULT Big truck dealers Budapest (H) DLC GOING EAST! Paris (F) Praha (CZ) Toulouse (F) DLC VIVE LA FRANCE! Small truck dealers Bourges (F) DLC VIVE LA FRANCE! Düsseldorf (D) Felixstowe (UK) Lyon (F) Oslo (N) DLC SCANDINAVIA Palermo (I) DLC ITALIA Rostock (D) Szeged (H) DLC GOING EAST! SCANIA Big truck dealers Firenze (I) DLC ITALIA Hannover (D) Manchester (UK) Milano (I) Stockholm (S) DLC SCANDINAVIA Small truck dealers Aberdeen (UK) Brest (F) DLC VIVE LA FRANCE! Dresden (D) Gdańsk (PL) DLC GOING EAST Lille (F) Strasbourg (F) VOLVO Big truck dealers Göteborg (S) DLC SCANDINAVIA Limoges (F) DLC VIVE LA FRANCE! London (UK) Luxembourg (L) Napoli (I) DLC ITALIA Small truck dealers Nürnberg (D) Osnabrück (D) Verona (I) Wrocław (PL) Author: @[PHT]elot360PL Translate: @[PHT]elot360PL, @pyrrra Some informations from gry-online.pl site. With thanks to @[S.PLH]Warrior a.k.a TheFlyingDutchman (I hope he remember for what ) Please don't copy my list anywhere without my permission. Thank you.
  8. GewoonMennoplays

    You can transport a caravan with a truck

    Hello. I found this day a bug. You can do a caravan freight by a truck. I don't know why but it is possible. https://gyazo.com/0a66b9dab135c15d502b6d2b306e719d
  9. lil Gilles03

    Favorite truck in ETS?

    Hey, check the poll
  10. Sloggen

    Scania S or Scania RJL?

    Which one of these you like best, I drive Scania S but I just wondering .. what do you like?
  11. Starz

    Favourite city in TMP?

    Evening all, just wondering, what is your favorite city in ETS2MP. Comment your favorite and I'll like if I like that city. And if you do like the city why? Is it the scenery or is it something else #TMP <3
  12. Modification can make your truck look better, but do you prefer simple modification or heavy modification?
  13. Hi Guys I prefer Scania or MAN everyday. But I want to know; 1 -> Which truck is the best ? 2 -> Which truck is the fastest ? 3 -> Which truck is the most balanced ?
  14. outstandinggamer

    Trailer to Truck Color

    Video tutorial on how to use the color codes: Information (You should read): Refrigerated and non-Refrigerated trailers can be swapped because they use the same colors.(some other trailers may be apply to this too. Report any errors in this topic with an image and name of trailer I am looking for a C# programmer I started on a program to do this automatically for your but I have very little knowledge of C# because I am still learning. More Trailers will be added every week Trailers Part 1: Trailers Part 2: Trailers Part 3: Trailers Part 4: Trailers Part 5:
  15. TimeTimes

    Best modded truck

    What do you guys think is the best modded truck in ETS2? With this i don't mean truck accesories, but actual trucks.
  16. Alis*

    Coolest truck paintjob

    So guys, gimme some inspiration, let's share your best truck paintjobs I will add pics of my trucks later.
  17. turkish-kebab

    Bu tır ban sebebi mi?

    bu tır ban sebebi mi?
  18. Über die Spedition Multigaming Logistik Was gibt es über uns: so zu sagen ,wir sind eine Eingeschworene Gemeinde die am Spiel ETS 2 spaß haben und unser Wissen ,Tricks und Tipps mit anderen teilen und hilfestellung geben . Die Gruppe wurde am 18 September 2016 Gegründet als Geschlossene Gruppe was wir bis dato Beibehalten haben . Unsere Gemeinde unterscheidet sich dahin gehend das wir eine Support Gruppe haben wo es Hilfe gibt und eine Map die wir dort unter Anfrage zur Verfügung stellen . Desweiteren gibt es für Anfänger die das Game erst neu Nutzen Hilfestelung in fast allen Punkten was ETS 2 betrifft . Haben sehr strenge Gruppenregeln an die sich aber ´fast jeder hält . Unsere Gemeinde ist sehr Hilfsbereit auch unter den Mitgliedern wird Hilfe sehr groß geschrieben jeder hilft wo er kann und weiß . Mods in der Gruppe werden Getestet und dann den Mitgliedern zur Verfügung gestellt damit sie sich ihren Wunsch LKW bauen können oder zumindest verbessern . Wir haben auch einen eigenen Teamspeak: Wir erwarten von euch: - Einen Teamspeak 3 Zugang - Eure Fuhren immer aufzeichnen und im Fahrtenbuch eintragen. - Freude am fahren Was wir euch bieten: - Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten - Einen eigenen Teamspeak: Multigaming-ets2.eu - eine hohe Provision für die Vollendeten Lieferungen EINFACH EINE BEWERBUNG HIER HIN SCHICKEN AUF DER WEBSITE https://trucking-vs.de/job/2667 **********************************
  19. UsLombra - BrenoH#022

    Air suspension

    I would like to know why the suspension to air is prohibited in the TMP being that it does not disturb any player, just another player that will see the truck with the tires under the asphalt.
  20. Nody

    Garage Bug

    Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: Keyboard and Mouse Description of Issue: Greetings, Whenever I buy a new garage and after all those in-game scenes are done, my trucks get stuck. I can use honking, can steer it left and right and other features of the truck but cannot move it front or back. I as well tried to quick travel to the nearby service centre to check out whether the truck moves or not, but it never moves until I restart the game. I am not sure how many are facing this issue but are there any fixture for this? P.S happens only In MP. How to reproduce: N/A. Screenshots / Videos: None.
  21. Du verbringst die meiste Zeit im LKW und suchst nur noch nach einer passenden Spedition? --- Herzlich willkommen bei der Floropa Logistik GmbH --- Wir suchen ab sofort neue Fahrer/innen für jegliche Güter. Bei uns steht der Spielspaß im Vordergrund. Es gibt daher keinen Zwang. Wir wünschen uns jedoch, dich auf der Ein oder anderen Fahrt begrüßen zu dürfen. Wir verfügen über einen eigenen TS3-Server und sind immer on the road. Wenn du ebenfalls "auf der Straße lebst", aber nicht allein sein möchtest, bist du bei uns genau richtig! Bewirb dich am besten gleich! Was wir dir bieten: deutschsprachige, aktive Spedition eigenen TeamSpeak-Server zur Kommunikation freie Auftragswahl, da alle DLCs im Besitz Was erwarten wir von dir: eigener LKW Mindestalter: 16 lockere und annehmliche Umgangsform unter Kollegen grundlegende Kenntnisse der STVO / vernünftige Fahrweise Kontakt: Webseite: www.floropa.de e-Mail: [email protected] Steam: Floropa Logistik GmbH Facebook: www.fb.me/FloropaLogistikGmbH Twitter: @FloropaLogistik Teamspeak: ts3.sboc-multigaming.de Wir freuen uns auf deine Bewerbung! Viele Grüße aus Berlin
  22. Merhabalar , Yeni gelen güncelleme ile tır'ınızda renkli ışıklar veya ışık üstüne ışık eklemek yasaklandı biliyorsunuz.Bu sebepten dolayı permament ban yedim ve nasıl cezayı düşürebilirim diyenler için bir rehber niteliğinde. Öncelikle steam'dan Euro Truck Simulator 2 oyunumuzu başlatıyoruz. Eğer birden fazla saveniz [Profil] iniz var ise ban yediğiniz tırın olduğu profili seçiniz. Oyuna giriş yaptıktan sonra f7+enter yaparak en yakın servise gidiyoruz. Bir önceki fotoğraftı gösterdiğim ışık veya aydınlatmalardan 1 ' ini kaldırıyoruz.[Üst üste olan hepsinden 1 tane kaldırmalısınız] Kaldırdıktan sonra parçacıdan çıkış yapıp tırımızı park yerine çekiyoruz. Park yerinde iken tırımızın kapsamlı fotoğraf / fotoğraflarını çekiyoruz ve bir yere kaydediyoruz. Kaydettiğimiz fotoğrafları lightshot araclığı ile internete yüklüyoruz. Yüklediğimiz fotoğraf linkini kaydediyor ve www.truckersmp.com adresine giriyoruz. Girdikten sonra ban itirazı/temyizi kısmına geliyoruz. Tırımızı değiştirdiğimizi ve aşağıdaki linkte kanıtımız olduğunu belirtiyoruz. Unutmayın ; §2.11 - Yasaklar neye göre veriliyor ? İlk 3 yasağınız oyun moderatörüne bağlıdır. 4. banınızda 1 ay. 5. banınızda ise 3 ay. 6.ban kalıcıdır ve geri dönüşü yoktur. Önceki banınız 12 ay ' dan önce geçerli olmuş ise sarı/soğuma cezası olarak kabul edilir.
  23. Spec_LG

    Camilo Dos Santos - Recrutando

    Estamos recrutando. Necessário: -Ter uma internet que pelo menos logue no google -Marcar Cartão toda vez que for jogar (será em um site, onde controlarei todas as entregas do funcionario, irei passar depois) -Jogar Preferencialmente no servidor US -Ter caminhão proprio -Respeitar os membros -Ter boa memória. (guardar senhas e etc... ,sim pode usar bloco de notas) Perfil: http://myvtc.net/user/image/32670
  24. Szwagier[PL]

    Led Up Truck

    Hello, do leds that are on the top of the truck break the rules of the game? TMP? https://zapodaj.net/f9d328e2aa360.png.html
  25. Stokes-Angel's-Logistics (S.A.L) Hola buenas señores aquí os dejaré una breve información sobre una nueva empresa que hemos iniciado para hacer convoys de empresas. En apenas una semana, somos ya más de 40 CONDUCTORES Esta empresa contará con gente de todas nacionalidades con o sin experiencia en convoys, si no que por al menos estén dispuestas a aprender a llevar uno y respetar a los jugadores en las distintas carreteras. Los convoys serán TODOS LOS DIAS a la MISMA HORA libres entre amigos y la empresa, obviamente para pasarlo bien así que respeten las normas. En los eventos durante la semana serán libre, los sábados convoy de empresa y domingo libre; los últimos sábados de cada mes haremos un evento con otras empresas, sera un evento interesante así que os invito a que se unan a nuestra empresa con el fin de disfrutar de las rutas y poder pasar un buen rato con nuestros compañeros. En los convoys entre semana vendrán como quieran pero seguiremos respetando las normas de empresa. En cada convoy de empresa(sábados) tendrá que venir con la pintura, carga schwarzmüller o misma carga, logo de empresa, tag de empresa(color de posición) depósitos llenos(quitar consumo real). Saldremos todos juntos y llegaremos todos juntos, siempre habrá excepciones claro. Velocidad no habrá, simplemente seguiremos al compañero que tengamos delante y si se aleja se le espera, si hay problemas se le comunicara al que lleve el convoy y automáticamente se cambiaría la ruta alternativa para el taller y esos se pasarían para atrás o a sus respectivos puestos en caso de que fuera posible. Normalmente las rutas serán por carreteras pero de haber por autopistas la velocidad máxima alcanzada seria 120km, 130km (dirigida por el que lleve el convoy) o la mas cómoda para poder conducir con seguridad y siempre dependiendo de las circunstancias del trafico. En cada convoy pondré algún detalle pero esto serán mas o menos lo que me gustaría en este equipo, seriedad, respeto al compañero y al resto de conductores del ETS, respetar las normas, y ser algo activo en el juego. Aviso: Los eventos se pasaran por facebook y se recomienda apuntar las rutas en caso de retraso o perdida por el camino. Entraremos siempre en Europa2 y estaremos en el canal7 del camión, no usamos otros medios de comunicación, podrán hacerlo con los compañeros si lo prefieren mediante. Discord,Steam, Skype, Whatsapp, Etc... Por favor si no están dispuestos a aceptar nuestras condiciones simplemente no te unas, nos interesa gente activa que le guste el juego . SI QUEREIS ENTRAR EN LA EMPRESA PODEIS CONTACTAR CON NOSOTROS EN: https://www.facebook.com/truckershirion25/ o escribirme a: [email protected]