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Found 6 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Real Truck Horn Suggestion Description: Real European Truck Horns Why should it be added?: I think that players would like it very much, it would make the game more realistic and I think that every player is already bored with these standard horns here is an example video with horns that could be added https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CExqEB4orcQ
  2. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Controllers Used: PDP Xbox One X Controller Description of Issue: When I Press The Horn Button Whilst Using My Skoda ( From The Iveco Dealer, ), I Do Not hear Anything And Nor Do Other Players. I Can, However, Here Other Skoda Horns. Also, When I 'Equip' My Truck It Works Perfectly. How to reproduce: I'm Not Sure If Reproducing This Bug Is Possible. All I Do Is Press Horn And It Doesn't Work. Screenshots / Videos: Video or Screenshots Aren't Really Possible. I Can't Show You I'm Using My Horn.
  3. loque

    Horn bug

    Mod Version: Controllers Used: Mouse and keyboard Description of Issue: Horn stuck How to reproduce: 1st horn, 2nd (without stop horning) hit tab and right click then 3rd hit tab again and the horn gets stuck Screenshots / Videos: N/A I have the horn in the middle mouse button (scrolling button) and i foun that a random day playing, to fix that bug just click the horn button again and stops, but is very anoying when you try to report a player and you horn at the same time becouse it gets stuck.
  4. So I spawned in Rotterdam and I hear some honking that just about threw my headset off my head. Someone has 8 air horns on their truck, I normally have 3-4 on mine but 8 really just blew my ears. I took a screenshot but it wont let me add the pic so here is a gayzo link to the pic. https://gyazo.com/17c642bb2586fe3810218c283dc2c596 I know horn spamming in one thing but is it also against the rules to have "x" amount of air horns on your truck?
  5. I understand wanting to wave and say hi to everyone you meet but must we all spam our horns like a flailing child trying to be noticed? I prefer my horn as what it is a loud way of getting your attention and letting you know I am waving a certain finger like a child looking for attention.. I might be the only one and if so then I will go back to my corner and eat me chips, but someone has to agree it is annoying to have some rudely overtake you on a 2 lane back road when its no pass then cut in on you sharp and nearly run you off the road, we cant just yell at them and insult them that when my train horn comes into play its my way of flipping the bird and has been all drivers everywhere since tinted windows restrict view of hand flails.. as some one who worked as a copilot within a company riding and driving around in the real world you don't use your horn as a wave its the attention grabbing screw you of the motorist, yes I enjoy my soap box and it bothers me slightly as someone cuts me off or runs a red light and nearly T-bones me and I blare my horn just to have them do some little tune back like "oh yeah hey bro awesome travel stuff!" I feel like I am the only driver to notice this and find it annoying when you want to let the other driver know without spamming chat how much of a "insert foul words" driver they are.
  6. When i am online in the game, i cant hear when other people are using their horn. I can see the horn symbol appear, but there is no sound. I have read that you can pres TAB, to enter a menu where you can enable horn sounds. But when i press TAB i cannot move my mouse, into that screen to press settings, i appears that the mouse is moving under the TAB menu. Is there another way for me to enable horn sounds?
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